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UC Merced is taking the lead on this project to implement on Calisphere content.

In January, the first pass is to add markup to object and institution pages, based on a set of mappings from fields in the Solr index (underlying Calisphere) to relevant elements:


Nice blog post from Duke summarizing experience and results: 

"Before" documentation - objects

Nightingale diary, portrait

Ramicova chorus #12

Ramicova chorus #12 - Google IMAGES

1899 New England Mutual life

"1899 New England Mutual life Calisphere" - IMAGES

Oral History of Ly Banh (harvested audio object)

"Ebony Kaleidoscope reginald brown" (Nuxeo video object)

lisa demo apple computer CAVPP...

... compare to other versions of the video that are out there:

"Before" documentation - institutions


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"UC Merced Calisphere"

"UC Merced digital collections"

The Bancroft Library calisphere

"Thousand Oaks Library Calisphere"

"Thousand Oaks library historical"

"Thousand Oaks library digital collection"

"Before" documentation - stats

Nov 2016 (most of it)

Dec 2016

Jan 2016



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