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Working Pages



  • Christine Kim, UCI

  • Kelsi Evans, UCSF

  • Robin Katz, UCR

  • Sherri Berger, CDL


  • Provide guidance to contributors and partners on what types of exhibitions could be created (e.g. digital companion to physical exhibition, campus anniversary, etc.).

  • Develop some research/editorial standards that align with Calisphere’s content strategy and uphold the trusted reputation of the University.

  • Assign responsibility and/or suggest a process for reference and ongoing stewardship of exhibitions.

  • Recommend a model (or models) for creating and evaluating exhibitions relative to the above guidelines and accounting for a range of exhibition authors (e.g. archivists, students, multi-institution collaborations, independent contractors, UC/non-UC, etc.)

Proposed Activities

  • Environmental scan of potential models and their resource needs, e.g. eScholarship Journals application, Lowcountry Digital History Initiative peer-review process.

  • Development of the guidelines / standards outlined in the objectives.

  • Development of a questionnaire, MOU, and/or revision to Calisphere terms of service that can be used immediately to create and evaluate exhibitions.

  • Recommendation for long-term model (if different from short-term strategy above) and/or opportunities that should be further explored (e.g. a collaborative grant).


  • January - March 2017



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