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This is a project to experiment with supporting user comments on Calisphere, by piloting a service on a single collection.

Project overview / goals

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Explore and familiarize ourselves more deeply with Disqus features and interfaceSherri, Eric

Resolve various policy issues:

  • Accessibility (color contrast) for the “Plus” version - e.g. if allusion to accessibility policy and avenues for improvement is deemed sufficient
  • Export questions
    • What are our requirements? Collection-by-collection? In bulk by institution?
    • What are the concerns here – data persistence vs. service persistence?
    • What's the max from Disqus?
    • Is there only export through the interface, or through API (to overcome the max)?
  • IP for comments

Sherri, Eric

Review terms of service for any other gotchas. See 

Sherri, Brian

Collaborate on customization options, policies, and other set-up. See 

Sherri, Eric

Test it out somewhere (e.g. oac-dev) and start playing around with it. Note:

Brian, Sherri, Eric

Test the policy documents / project "risks" and maybe a light implementation with an SF community focus groupJJ

Develop general protocol for moderating comments - how do we anticipate doing this? See 

  • Clear communications and transparency re: pilot goals and persistence

Sherri, Eric, UCR curators (tech services, etc.)

Add mechanism on Calisphere side to add javascript to only selected collections, and add Disqus code to Klein when ready

Brian / Mark / Amy

Begin moderating live comments

Sherri, Eric, UCR curators

Do a call for participants among the fan community, and perhaps send out a survey or do some quickie UX testing or something? Do they think it’s worthwhile? Is it worth upgrading to Pro?

Sherri, Eric, UCR curators

Document issues, refine policies, and evaluate the service and its model for production use by all contributors. This should include some preservation planning / exit strategy for the comments generated.

Eric, UCR curators, and CDL implementation team

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