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(info) Every week, we complete a sprint that moves us closer to our release. Track our progress on Pivotal Tracker. (To see tasks accomplished in a given sprint, click "more" → "done" → select week of interest.)

Caduceus release plan

Target end date:

March 31, 2015

Goals, by project component: 



Explore options for bulk file upload and implement at least one

Continue the Nuxeo migration to Amazon Web Services
Test the DAMS-Merritt ingest pipeline with at least one simple object collection; work on complex objects
Migrate 2-3 more existing collections from campus systems
Identify collection administrators and train them in setting permissions in Nuxeo


(Harvest / Index / Registry)



Visit at least two more campuses to share the project with library stakeholders and collaborate on harvest activities

Harvest and get data through the whole pipeline from at least one collection from each data source from UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, UCSF, UCI

Update UCLDC documentation with policies, metadata requirements, and preliminary workflow information

Increase harvest speed by rebuilding the harvesting infrastructure (distributing parts over multiple instances)
Various data goals:
  • Identify gaps between the Calisphere user interface design and current data in the Common Index
  • Implement decade facet and create logic for the object type facet
  • Develop a Q/A process for checking data in the Common Index
  • Ensure all existing Calisphere institutions and collections are accounted for in the collection registry


(API / Public Interface)

Conduct focus groups for stakeholder feedback on the design

Make all design revisions based on user testing / stakeholder feedback and request last designs from the graphic designer

Integrate all components into pages for the existing graphic designs

Write and pull data into the following pages: search results, collection, institution, and simple object

Create a proof of concept for the full stack of displaying images

Working docs (project team only)


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