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  • Caduceus (March 2015) Release Notes

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Key tasks accomplished

Management (Shared DAMS)
  • Bulk upload client: developed a web client for bulk uploading files to the Nuxeo platform. Now open for testing by DAMS users.
  • Merritt pipeline:  tested the DAMS-Merritt ingest pipeline with a simple object collection.
  • Migration: migrated UC Merced Ramicova collection to Nuxeo.

Aggregation (Metadata Harvest into Common Index)

  • End-to-end throughput: brought one collection each from UCLA, UCSD, and UCSB data sources all the way through the harvest pipeline and up on the prototype website.
  • Infrastructure upgrade: increased the speed of the harvest by rebuilding the infrastructure (distributing parts over multiple instances).
  • Data analysis: identified gaps in data demanded by the Calisphere design, ensured all existing Calisphere collections are accounted for in the Registry, implemented decade and object type facets.
  • Documentation: revised documentation site information architecture, integrated policies reviewed by SAG2, and added more contextual information.
  • Campus visits: in-person meetings with UCLA, UCSD, and UCSB to engage stakeholers and collaborate on harvest methods.


Access (Calisphere and the API)
  • Design feedback and revisions: conducted focus groups for stakeholder feedback on the Calisphere designs, and began modifications to incorporate feedback.
  • Creation of templates: created page templates for all of the existing graphic design views (and then some)
  • Integration with data: wrote pages and pulled data into search results, collections, and simple objects
  • Image display from Nuxeo: built a proof-of-concept for the full stack (using IIIF) for the display of simple images in Calisphere which are hosted in the Shared DAMS.

Key deliverables