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(info) Every week, we complete a sprint that moves us closer to our release. Track our progress on Pivotal Tracker. (To see tasks accomplished in a given sprint, click "more" → "done" → select week of interest.)

Bruin release plan

Target end date:

January 31, 2015


The Bruin release is very short and focused. It comprises three major activities, to be completed within the month of January 2015:

  1. Upgrade of Nuxeo to Version 6.
    We anticipate the new version will provide needed improvements like better user interface design and limited bulk file upload.

  2. Limited release of the UCLDC Solr API.
    The API will have some form of authentication and be available to UC Libraries campus partners to begin experimenting with creating custom interfaces. The data in the index will additionally be in an acceptable state.

  3. Demo instance of the public interface running.
    We need a demo instance of the site up and going so we can utilize a shared environment, conduct automated tests, and perform Q/A of displayed data. 

Working docs (internal):

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