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  • Bruin (January 2015) Release Notes

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The Bruin release cycle was short and focused, with the primary goal of upgrading the shared DAMS to Nuxeo version 6. (But we did some other stuff too!)

Nuxeo version 6: what's new

Version 6 is the most recent long-term support version of Nuxeo. This version provides some great new features and functionality. Some of the key new features you'll notice include:

  • A better looking user interface
    Let's face it: some of Nuxeo's previous graphic design choices left a little something to be desired. More modern icons, bolder colors, bigger buttons, and lots of little design changes in version 6 have all contributed to make the Nuxeo interface easier and more enjoyable to use.

  • An import button with limited bulk file upload support
    One of the first things you'll notice in the new interface is a big "import" button that lets you add files, input metadata, and select a project folder all within a single screen. It's a handy new way to add content.

    This import workflow also allows you to upload multiple files at a time via a drag-and-drop interface, which we know is a key need of UC Libraries DAMS users. But this support is limited: if you try to add large files (like TIFFs), the system will time out due to Shibboleth. We'll be working with you to identify and test alternative methods of bulk file upload.

  • Spreadsheet view for bulk metadata edits
    Now, in addition to editing metadata in bulk using the pop-up widget, you can view and edit metadata for any selection of objects in a spreadsheet view. This view includes auto-fill functionality. One caveat: only metadata for non-repeating fields currently appears in this view.

  • User-defined columns for lists of objects
    We heard on the campuses that it would be useful to self-select which metadata fields are displayed when viewing lists of objects. Nuxeo now allows you to customize these columns so you can view items using the metadata you find most useful.

For more information about version 6, you can check out Nuxeo's announcement about the platform–but please note that some particular features and functionality may differ in the UC Libraries' implementation.



Watch the Nuxeo 6 demo:






Other project progress

Although this release was primarily focused on upgrading the DAMS, we continued to make progress in a number of other areas:

  • Developed a rough draft of potential UCLDC policies, currently in discussion with project stakeholders and SAG2.
  • Created an authentication process for obtaining access to the API, which will allow campus libraries to start testing with the API once policies are established.
  • Continued to improve the data in the common index, with a focus on legacy Calisphere content harvested into the system.
  • Got a demo instance of the new Calisphere site running, which was required infrastructure for us to actually start building and testing a live site.
  • Conducted researcher usability testing for the new Calisphere site.


We welcome your feedback on this release. Please send any comments and questions to ucldc@ucop.edu.