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(info) Every week, we complete a sprint that moves us closer to our release. Track our progress on Pivotal Tracker. (To see tasks accomplished in a given sprint, click "more" → "done" → select week of interest.)

Bobcat release plan

Target end date:

December 12, 2014

Goals, by project component: 



Finish loading into the DAMS existing collections from the current seed list
Identify additional existing collections in need of loading into the DAMS, determine a finite number to load by 2015 (based on resource availability), and develop a queue
Identify at least one new "pilot collection" at each campus for using the DAMS to build objects and metadata
Present the project to SAG3 to start laying the groundwork for collection development
Evaluate opportunity to upgrade Nuxeo to version 6


(Harvest / Index / Registry)

Shore up the list of existing collections in need of harvesting, especially for campuses that will be using the DAMS
Focus on data quality for current harvested collections: close gaps in data, generate more complete mappings, and develop a Q/A process
Resolve all remaining technical questions and issues to finalize the harvest process from UCLA's Islandora
Determine an approach for harvesting from the UCSD DAMS (either using current data or waiting for new feed in development)
Clean up data in Collection Registry so it is an accurate reflection of the known scope of existing collections (for loading and harvesting)
Schedule visits with harvest campuses for early 2015


(API / Public Interface)

Conclude all design work: all remaining wireframes and graphic design elements
Conduct light user testing on the designs and make needed refinements
Create a content strategy plan for all written components of the site
Determine the production workflow for building the site, to the point at which in January we could immediately: 1) conduct load testing and 2) spec out a plan of attack for site development, page by page
Create three artifacts of the production workflow: wireframes inventory, template inventory, initial component library
Release the API in beta version and sufficient documentation to campus partners

Working docs (project team only)


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