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  • Bobcat (Winter 2014) Release Notes

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For the Bobcat release, we continued plugging away on fronts of the project. Here are some of our key milestones in each of the three major project components:

Project componentKey milestones
Management (Shared DAMS)
  • Added auxiliary file support, which will allow library staff to bundle different versions of files together in a single object for management purposes.
  • Essentially completed migration of all initial collections identified. (We have a few remaining stragglers we will be tackling in January 2015.)
  • Identified and developed a queue for additional collections in need of migration.
  • Worked with campus partners to identify new "challenge" collections to build using the system.
  • Developed a plan for upgrading Nuxeo to Version 6 in January 2015.
Aggregation (Harvest)
  • Developed initial tools and methods for performing quality assurance on data coming in via harvest.
  • Refined the fields for collections in the Collection Registry so information presented is more pertinent (currently in administrative interface; to be pushed public in early 2015).
  • Identified additional collections for harvest (from DAMS participating campuses).
Access (Public Interface / API)
  • Concluded all user experience design for the new Calisphere site, and received the majority of graphic design deliverables.
  • Determined the production workflow for building the site.
  • Created a wireframes inventory and initial component library (building blocks of the site).
  • Created a voice and tone document to guide editorial aspects of the new site.


We welcome your feedback on this release. Please send any comments and questions to