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(info) Every week, we complete a sprint that moves us closer to our release. Track our progress on Pivotal Tracker. (To see tasks accomplished in a given sprint, click "more" → "done" → select week of interest.)

Bear release plan

Target end date:

September 30, 2014


  • Continue loading existing collections from the seed list, and possibly expand it depending on resource availability / projected rate of completion
  • Provide training and consultation to all campus DAMS users
  • Working with campus partners, identify and prioritize fixes and new features (known enhancements include Registry/DAMS interaction, bulk metadata edit, and advanced search)
  • Develop a broad-strokes plan for integration with Merritt, consulting with UC3 and campus partners as needed
  • Determine resource needs to support adding new collections to the DAMS and, accordingly, develop any needed policies and/or staging workflows
Aggregation (Harvest / Index / Collection Registry)
  • Develop a working harvest feed for at least one campus DAMS
  • Successfully obtain best possible copies of images for harvested image-objects, for display in the public interface
  • Rebuild the Solr index with updated collection information and technical enhancements
  • Map out workflows for using the Collection Registry and, accordingly, needed development on it
Public Interface (API / HTML)
  • Complete remaining wireframes, conduct user testing, and complete all revisions
  • Complete the graphic design process (early October)
  • Conduct a gap analysis to determine features demanded by the wireframes that we do not yet have in place; start research and testing to determine technical solutions
  • Unpack, test, and continue to ready the API by creating a prototype; develop initial documentation for use of the API by campus libraries
  • Determine a workflow and process for constructing the site after all wireframes and graphic design files are handed off 
  • Conduct transition planning from the old to new Calisphere sites to inform key technical decisions

Working docs (project team only)


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