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Anteater Sprint Schedule and Artifacts    

10/24/13 - 11/19/13Completed
11/20/13 - 12/11/13Completed
12/12/13 - 1/15/14Completed
1/15/14 - 2/3/14Completed*task tracking has moved to Pivotal Tracker
2/3/14 - 2/28/14In process 

Anteater release plan

Target release date

February 28, 2014

In a nutshell

For the Anteater release, a major focus will be on pre-loading existing collections into the Nuxeo DAMS. We will also refine the scope of the public interface to be released at launch, and continue to make progress on the harvest of externally hosted collections into the central index.


(by product component - see descriptions here)

  • The document model has been established and refined
  • A process for importing files and metadata into the DAMS has been determined and tested
  • A selected set of collections (files and metadata) has been loaded into the DAMS, and other collections are on track for import by summer 2014
Public Interface
  • The scope of the public interface to be released at launch has been determined
  • Human resource needs for the public interface are fully defined and identified
Collection Registry
  • At least one collection is working in “real” production mode, where a change in the registry triggers a harvest
Central Index API
  • Metadata enhancement tools and techniques have been explored for harvested content, and tested on at least one metadata field.

  • The API has been customized to meet several major public interface requirements (e.g. search, search results, and attribution data)

  • User stories are fully defined and ready for ongoing prioritization
  • Policies surrounding adding files and metadata to the UCLDC (e.g. terms of service and/or submission agreements) have been considered





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