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Please feel free to comment on this page with any comments or questions about the Aggie Release. Here are some resources for your reference:

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  1. I have a few questions about the release that you may have covered during previous meetings or plan to explore later...

    • Collections Registry
      • Is or will there be a collection title standard? Capitalization, author name order, etc? 
      • All hyperlinked titles go to OAC finding aids, correct? 
    • Nuxeo Platform
      • When will complex objects be included?
      • Simple video object: storyboard...neat! Will streaming files be available, or will videos be available for download only? File conversions are really smart! But what if we don't want people to download?
      • If a collection is entirely "dark" how are we indicating this from the public perspective?
  2. Hi Audra, thanks for your great questions! I think we will probably be touching on many of these in the F2F meeting on Tuesday. Please do feel free to bring them up there (and I'll try to remember too). If we don't get to everything or you still have outstanding questions, we'll be happy to follow up here afterwards.