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Aggie Sprint Schedule and Artifacts    

7/31 - 8/21AggieCompleted
8/22 - 9/11AggieCompleted
9/12 - 10/2AggieCompleted
10/3 - 10/23 (release)AggieIn process

Aggie release plan

Release date

October 23, 2013

In a nutshell

The theme of the first release might be summarized by the slogan "log in and see stuff!" Our goal is to get the product up and running so campus staff can enter it at key points (especially the DAMS) and get a feel for how it's going to look and work for them. This release is about configuration, set-up, and establishing infrastructure–tasks that will pave the way for some of the project's flashier and more sophisticated functions down the line. For the public interface, this release focuses on compiling research and sketching out resource needs.

Example targets

(by product component - see descriptions here)

  • Nuxeo installed and configured, simple object model/doc type established
  • Some roles defined and account workflows established
  • Some representative content loaded in as "pilot" (or more if we can)
  • Some documentation provided on entering and using the system, e.g. "quick start guide"
Public Interface
  • Controlled vocabularies understood and prioritized for development
  • "Simple" vocabularies in place and a plan for managing the more complex ones
  • Resource plan developed; includes web production, interaction design, graphic design
  • "Literature review" of previous work and user research is conducted and understood within UCLDC context
Collection Registry
  • Data model is established and some collection information is present
  • Shibboleth is configured and working for campuses
  • A workflow for non-digitized collections has been considered
Central Index API
  • The index reflects changes made to the collection registry within a given time
  • More collections are being crawled / harvested
  • Some facets and/or thumbnails are displayed
  • The first version of the API is available


Working docs (project team only)  

Meeting notes and agendas
Release communications




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