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The UCLDC Implementation Project Team is pleased to announce our first release: "Aggie." (Why this name?)

The primary goal of this release was to establish infrastructure for the UCLDC, with a focus on the back-end systems and administrative interfaces. This included installing software components and establishing user account workflows. We also made headway on conceptualizing the data model, which will define how digital content will be described and organized across the platform.

We welcome your feedback on this release. Please send any comments, questions, and bug reports to


Below are the major features of the release, with links to explore further.

What's newCheck it out!
  • Log-in workflow for DAMS and Collection Registry

    The UCLDC will include two administrative interfaces for campus library staff to input data: the Nuxeo DAMS and the Collection Registry (read more about them here). Both of these interfaces require user accounts to use some of the features. For this release, we created a workflow that enables library staff to request accounts, authenticates them through Shibboleth, and--for the Nuxeo DAMS–assigns them to groups based on their campus affiliation.* This means that library staff users are able to log into the administrative interfaces using their campus IDs.

    Please note that at this time, we are limiting access to user accounts to our project collaborators (members of SAG2 and the Product Stakeholder Group), while we continue to test the functionality and establish policies around accounts.

  • DAMS installation

    The Nuxeo DAMS is installed and running in a production environment. We also created campus workspaces within the platform, and seeded each workspace with a test project folder and sample content files. Because access to the DAMS is limited at this time to our project collaborators, we have prepared a short video demo of the system and some of the functionality that is currently in place there.

  • Collection Registry development

    The first iteration of the Collection Registry interface has been developed and is now running in a production environment. Currently there are a limited number of elements defining campuses, units, and collections. The Registry has been seeded with data from the POT1 LT3A lightning team report, which identified collections for inclusion in the UCLDC during this initial implementation phase. Access to viewing the Collection Registry is unrestricted. However, at this time editing is restricted to our project collaborators.

  • Draft metadata scheme

    A draft metadata scheme for UCLDC digital content is available and open for constituent feedback.

Other work completed

In addition to the more visible features described above, we also made progress behind-the-scenes on several different fronts:

  • Testing and experimentation of harvest techniques for content hosted and managed outside of the DAMS
  • Preliminary assessment of digitization workflow needs, to be incorporated into later versions of the Collection Registry
  • Development of a creative brief and rough scope of work for the UCLDC public interface
  • Formation of a Product Stakeholder Group, which will provide feedback on and input into future project releases
  • Refinement of the initial list of existing collections to be included in this two-year implementation phase, and obtaining of about 80% of collections identified for the DAMS
  • Testing and experimentation with DAMS loading and metadata mapping techniques


*At the time of the release, this workflow is functional for 9 out of 10 campuses. We are awaiting authorization from UCLA to enable Shibboleth for that campus.