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  • Go through Kelsi's template and resolve questions, to the extent possible
  • Decide on a plan for addressing UCI curator interest in creating an exhibition

Template discussion notes


Questions from templateNotes and Resolutions
Should there be front matter?Yes
Number of items in an exhibition?

Let's go with 15-20 items, but then recommend a theme is used with more

These are best practices / general guidelines - we need a cheat sheet - add this to deliverables?

And where does this fit in the workflow? proposal, perhaps?

A point on UX: exhibitions need a starting point

Right now it's too democratic and pinterest-y

What makes an exhibition an exhibition is a guide, more prescribed navigation

But what's great about a digital space is you can have people click around, explore on their own; needs to be a balance

What's the goal of the exhibit? Are they here to experience something?

Let's table this and put it in a "UX bucket" where we might collect other ideas for CDL

Themes +++ (this turned into a bigger discussion!)

They're confusing

Browsing by topic is necessary on Calisphere (subject heading possibly?)

The current themes are so widely different - e.g. Critical Theorists, AIDS history project; those as themes next to "The West, 1820-1900" seems crazy to me

A tension between wanting a construct to

The search bar on Calisphere "home" isn't enough - we need to direct people to stuff

"What's the point of an exhibit"?

  • To add value and content and narrative to separate objects
  • To highlight and direct users to topics of interest

In the guidelines we should add what an exhibit is and why they are important / helpful

Sherri will send out a link to "generous interfaces"

Part of proposal process: this could be "please list at least three areas that this would contribute to" (like thinking about tags)


We like the things to avoid

We should add good ideas, saying "short, creative title"

Put names, dates, places in the subtitle

Example: "Open Spaces: Environmental Challenges and Activism in Southern California"

Art museums do this well

Is there a way to think about duplicative info in the proposal/curatorial process?

  • The more I think about it, the more I think we need a standing group
  • Do we solicit missing content areas or prioritize areas that aren't covered?
Exhibit description snippet

Kelsi's language sounds good!

She'll add some examples of successful ones.

"How is this going to make your day better by looking at this exhibit?"

Hero images

Add some language about size requirements - Sherri

Add some language about making this look nice in a banner format - Kelsi

Exhibit overview

The idea here is that this is like the program of an exhibit, they get the gist of it

There should be there's a required general overview and extra stuff is optional

About / credits

"About" sounds like what the exhibit is about

Requirements around that should make sure it grounds things in a certain place and time

"Learn more" - add this as a section after "credits"This is where you could put links to collections, etc. OR historical context
NotesLimit this to notes on the objects, definitions, etc.
Item descriptions

Spreadsheet makes a lot of sense to do this.

How much do we expect them to actually have at the proposal stage, vs. the exhibition creation stage?


UCI Curator exhibition notes

  • Seems there are three options here:
    • Just go ahead and publish the exhibition
    • Hold the creation of all exhibitions till we're done with this
    • Something in the middle: test the process, maybe not guarantee a go-live date of May but offer to see if it could work
  • Perhaps the curator would be willing to return to the exhibition to make changes after the go-live date? So, staged to meet the deadline but with expectation that curator would bring the exhibition up-to-guidelines after-the-fact?
  • Curator probably doesn't have a whole lot of time to work through this process. Maybe check in on the deadline in the first place?
  • This team is prepared to be the "standing committee" on this particular case.
  • Certainly this would be a good test case for the proposal process, at least - and could help us develop some guidelines for exhibitions.
  • Next steps:
    • Sherri should check in with CDL to see whether there is a strong feeling about this, given that we do want to support UC Libraries projects.
    • Christine and Sherri will collaborate to get back to Thuy and have a call for more info-gathering

Action items

  • Kelsi Evans revise template taking in feedback, above
  • Sherri Berger check in with CDL people about the group's recommended methodology for doing exhibitions now
  • Christine Kim and Sherri Berger touch base on getting back to Thuy
  • Sherri Berger consider making these meetings half hour? Or be seriously, for-real good about only having one topic per call (smile)