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  • Demo the Calisphere exhibition interface + admin backend
  • Discuss the Questionnaire draft Christine created (stretch goal)



  • This seemed to be a helpful exercise in getting everyone briefed on the current picture, hooray!

  • The existing, published exhibitions are reinventions of the old teaching "themed collections" from old Calisphere.

  • Exhibitions aren't currently noted anywhere in the Collection Registry (; right now the registry is more like collection staging and "authority control" for collection names, institution info – but there could potentially be a relationship between exhibitions and the registry in the future.

  • Robin noted that the UX for themes/breadcrumbs was a little confusing – circular. Could be labeling issue?
    • An opportunity for this group to state outright how prospective exhibitions should be structured, labeled
  • Exhibitions pull metadata, images straight from published objects on Calisphere; when metadata updates for object, also updates for item in an exhibition

  • Lesson plans, essays, teaching materials probably out of scope for this group - but they are tools we can use if so desired

  • We looked at the Berne exhibition (UCSF) that is currently in preview mode. This brought up a lot of thoughts:
    • This reads more like a finding aid than an exhibition - is that OK, or what more should these do?
    • Can we recommend a better (less confusing and more evocative) title?
    • Could this be used as a test case for really digging into the issues around recommendations?
    • Exhibition written by student intern at UCI could provide another
  • In general, admin interface could benefit from an "AACR2-style" rules for what you put in the fields – that's part of our editorial purview

  • Process-wise, if admin interface can't itself be sufficiently souped up in the near-term to address this, then we could develop a template (e.g. Word doc) and Sherri or a primary exhibition contact could actually do the work of populating the exhibition.

  • Robin wondered if this could also be an opportunity to review and revise the current exhibitions, e.g. titles, etc.


Action items

  • Sherri Berger will create view-only accounts for folks in the exhibition admin interface and send out URLs to the two staged ones (UCSF Berne and UCI Open Spaces) - on both the user and admin sides.
  • Other action items TBD.