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Meeting ID:236 485 718

Roll Call

  • UC Berkeley – Timothy Vollmer
  • UC Davis – Michael Ladisch
  • UC Irvine – Mitchell Brown
  • UC Irvine – Shu Liu
  • UC Los Angeles – Jennifer Chan (Co-Chair)
  • UC Los Angeles – Marty Brennan
  • UC Merced – Donald Barclay
  • UC Merced – Jerrold Shiroma
  • UC Riverside – Swati Bhattacharyya
  • UC Riverside – Brianna Marshall
  • UC San Diego – Mary Linn Bergstrom (regrets - unable to connect to the zoom call with this info:
  • UC San Diego - Allegra Swift (regrets)
  • UC San Francisco – Anneliese Taylor (regrets)
  • UC Santa Cruz – Christy Caldwell (regrets)
  • UC Santa Barbara – Sherri Barnes
  • UC Santa Barbara – Eileen Joy
  • UC Santa Barbara – Kyra Folk-Farber
  • CDL – Katie Fortney (Co-Chair)
  • CDL – Mat Willmott

Notes taken by 

Announcements / Administrivia

  • Jennifer Chan from UCLA and Katie Fortney of CDL will be co-chairing the CKG. 
  • Katie is out for this meeting. 

Deep-Dive topic this month

Other topics: would love to see examples of annual reports for those of you who run scholcomm committees, working groups, and/or programs on your campus.

  • Tim: Here's ours from UC Berkeley. Note that I have permission to share with you all on this group, but it's not made its way fully through UCB Library yet so please don't share publicly. 

Updates from crossover groups

  1. OSC: OSC site is seeing a lot of traffic on the fact check blog post
  2. Data Curation CKG
  3. STAR Team:  

Round-robin updates

  1. UCB  - We wrote a back-to-school ScholComm blog post, highlighting our upcoming workshops & events on scholcomm/copyright. We're helping to prep communications around Cambridge University Press author publishing workflow change beginning September 19, and getting the word out to our UC Berkeley librarians and staff. We helped plan (with many others) the Open Access Tipping Point workshop and public event in Washington, DC (also see public affirmation statement as an outcome). I'm heading to the Miami University Libraries copyright conference next week and report back on anything interesting there. 
  2. UCD - 
  3. UCI -  Update on OA Week 2019: Open to Whom?  OA and the Digital Repository (Tues. 10/22) Panel presentation and open discussion on digital repositories for humanities and social science research. Discussion lead by Madelyn Dickerson, Digital Humanities and research Librarian for History.  Panel participants from humanities departments and areas of interest that use digital scholarship techniques.  Wed., 10/23 - The new DRYAD demonstration for data management and curation by Danielle Kane, Digital Scholarship Service.  Presentation of the new design curated general-purpose repository that makes data discoverable, freely reusable, and citable for all research areas, arts/humanities to science and medicine.  Thurs., Oct. 25 - OA Publishing and Scholarly Impact: Open for Whom? Expanding Your Audience. Presentation on OA publishing, copyright, managing and maximizing your scholarly impact. Panel presentation session to talk about how to position your research to highlight author impacts, maintain copyright of your work, and how to follow good publishing practices and risks of predatory publishing.  Working to launch Presidential OA Policy for target groups (Chao family Cancer Center, UCI Librarians, Beckman Laser Institute).  We have prepared talking points and documentation for the Cambridge UP author submission process to soft launch on September 19.
  4. UCLA - 4-day line-up of programs and events for Open Access Week, and tie-ins to the OpenUCLA initiative which is part of the campus Centennial celebration. Will update minutes once events pages have been posted. 
  5. UCM -  
  6. UCR -  
  7. UCSB - 
  8. UCSC - 
  9. UCSD - 
  10. UCSF - 
  11. CDL - 
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