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Meeting ID:236 485 718

Roll Call

  • UC Berkeley – Samantha Teplitzky
  • UC Davis – Michael Ladisch
  • UC Davis – Heather Hayashi  (co-Chair)
  • UC Irvine – Mitchell Brown
  • UC Irvine – Shu Liu
  • UC Los Angeles – Jennifer Chan
  • UC Los Angeles – Marty Brennan
  • UC Merced – Donald Barclay
  • UC Merced – Jerrold Shiroma (co-Chair)
  • UC Riverside – Swati Bhattacharyya
  • UC Riverside – Brianna Marshall
  • UC San Diego – Mary Linn Bergstrom
  • UC San Diego - Allegra Swift
  • UC San Francisco – Anneliese Taylor 
  • UC Santa Cruz – Christy Caldwell
  • UC Santa Barbara – Sherri Barnes
  • UC Santa Barbara – Eileen Joy
  • UC Santa Barbara – Kyra Folk-Farber
  • CDL – Katie Fortney 
  • CDL – Mat Willmott

Notes taken by 

Announcements / Administrivia

  • Jerrold is wrapping up his term as co-chair with August's meeting, and Heather's contract as Open Access Analyst will be ending in September.
    (smile) Jennifer Chan from UCLA is willing to serve as a volunteer - yay and thanks! ...we still need one more, anyone else? (smile) 

Deep-Dive topic this month:

  • Elsevier subscription loss-of-access related campus outreach and Library preparation activities - please share/add below!

Notes/Resources from Chatbox - 

Other topics: 

Updates from crossover groups

Round-robin updates

  1. UCB  -
  2. UCD - Formally welcoming Michael Ladisch, UC Davis Library's SCO (smile) !!!
  3. UCI - Irvine has an open search for the Head of Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) department that is in process.  We are in preliminary planning for Open Access Week 2019 and have begun discussions with campus colleagues to coordinator the Presidential OA Policy implementation with the UCI Health Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center as an early adopter.  Irvine has a webpage with alternate access options for Elsevier articles :
  4. UCLA - OA Week planning. We anticipate an event where we gamify elements of scholarly communication/open access. Alternative Access workshops expected to continue. Link to our outline and slides:
  5. UCM - We have been doing planning for OA week. We have a faculty member as part of our planning group, which has been a good addition. 
  6. UCR -  We have started planning our OA week program. We are also in the process of collaborating with the Proposal Development Team for promoting ORCID for PIs.
  7. UCSB - UCSB now has an Open Access Publishing Fund. It only supports fully OA journals, accepted publications, and corresponding authors. There is no APC limit, and we are offering to do direct billing.  UCSB ETDs are finally in eScholarship.  It took a while for CDL to find a way to support our author-rights policy, where only the ETDs in which authors chose to make their work OA in eScholarship are available.  All UCSB ETDs are available for campus use in our local repository, ADRL. Interviews are taking place this week for a social sciences data curator and a humanities data curator.  UCSB is a partner institution on a £2.2 million Research England grant to develop infrastructures for OA monographs - Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monograph. I'll be leading the work project on governance and Eileen will be leading one on business models. There are seven work projects in the grant. Alternative access Elsevier articles page.
  8. UCSC - campus provided permanent funding for a scholarly communications librarian, and 3 year temp money to pursue OA transition projects.
  9. UCSD - 
  10. UCSF - Our preprints symposium last week went really well. There were about 35 people in attendance, most who stayed throughout the intro talk, two lightning talk sessions, and a panel of presenters. A postdoc who attended tweeted really good notes along the way. We're organizing an 8-part reproducibility workshop series from September to November; more information to come. Lastly, we're still accepting applications for the AUL for Research and Learning
  11. CDL - Exciting news for CDL + UCSF exploration of getting older dissertations digitized and on eScholarship - Google scans may be an option. Still assessing technical hurdles, but law/contract angles are looking good.
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