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Meeting ID:236 485 718

Roll Call

  • UC Berkeley – Samantha Teplitzky
  • UC Davis – Heather Hayashi  (co-Chair)
  • UC Irvine – Mitchell Brown
  • UC Irvine – Shu Liu
  • UC Los Angeles – Jennifer Chan
  • UC Los Angeles – Marty Brennan
  • UC Merced – Donald Barclay
  • UC Merced – Jerrold Shiroma (co-Chair)
  • UC Riverside – Swati Bhattacharyya
  • UC Riverside – Brianna Marshall
  • UC San Diego – Mary Linn Bergstrom
  • UC San Diego - Allegra Swift
  • UC San Francisco – Anneliese Taylor 
  • UC Santa Cruz – Christy Hightower
  • UC Santa Cruz – Christy Caldwell
  • UC Santa Barbara – Sherri Barnes
  • UC Santa Barbara – Eileen Joy
  • UC Santa Barbara – Kyra Folk-Farber
  • CDL – Katie Fortney 
  • CDL – Mat Willmott

Notes taken by UCR

Announcements / Administrivia

Deep-Dive topic this month:

  • 1st half:
    Rachael and UCB and Mat at CDL to present about the Cambridge University Press transformative OA agreement announced in early April

CDL and Offsetting Task Force are thinking a lot about implementation now, and part of that implementation involves making sure that folks, particularly in the libraries, have a good understanding of what was agreed to (and why, and where we see this going).

  • 2nd half:
    UC San Diego to share their APC relief study and approach to "Recommending OA Publishing Opportunities to Faculty" -  due to time constraints, moved to next month's discussion 6/19/19

Other topics:

Updates from crossover groups

Round-robin updates

  1. UCB  -
  2. UCD - very excited to report new Schol Comm Officer arriving June 17th!
  3. UCI - UCI Office of Information Technology has created approximately 1200  faculty  and researcher accounts on CRSP (Campus Research Storage Pool)). 1 TB of no-cost storage is available in what we call "lab spaces" to read/write/share access to research data.   Preparing for presentation with Alainna Wrigley and Justin Gonder at DLFx on planning for fall roll-out of the the UC Presidential Open Access Policy.
  4. UCLA - 
    1. May Author Workshop Series: 
      1. Choosing the Right Journal for your Manuscript;
      2. Get Credit for Peer Review with Publons;
      3. Set Up Your Google Scholar Profile;
    2. June Alternative Access Workshops
    3. Registration is NOW OPEN for the FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute (FSCI), Aug 5-9 at UCLA.  Please take a look at the FSCI 2019 curriculum and the Plenary events.  Everyone in the CKG should try to attend, it’s a great event & a good excuse for us to meet in person.  The early bird rate of $600 (after discount) will expire on June 21st. Also: please help us promote FSCI!  It’s a critical moment to get attendees to register. Please share promotional materials with listervs, specific colleagues, post on social media, etc.  If you have any questions about FSCI or any of the above, don’t hesitate to contact Marty Brennan!
  5. UCM - 
  6. UCR -  
  7. UCSB - The Punctum Books + UCSB Library Partnership, launched the jointly designed Supporting Library Membership Program, to ensure Punctum's economic and operational sustainability, and to support author-centered, BPC-free, mission driven OA monograph publishing.  Sliding scale membership rates are on the website. 
  8. UCSC - 
  9. UCSD -
  10. UCSF -
    - We're hiring an AUL for Research & Learning, which will oversee Scholarly Communication, Data Services, Education Research, and more. Please share the listing with anyone who might be interested, and let me know if any questions about the position!
    - UCSF's ETDs are now on eScholarship! We released over 1900 ETDs published since 2007 a couple weeks ago. Our older TDs have been digitized and are in HathiTurst. AT is also looking into the possibility of opening them up.
    - Our Open Science Group is planning a preprints mini-symposium in July, and a reproducibility workshop series in the fall. More information forthcoming.
  11. CDL - The Publishing & Special Collections team is hiring for Monica's replacement -
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