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Zoom (for virtual meetings):

(408) 638-0968 (toll) or (646) 558-8656 (toll), access code: 791 623 164 (directly from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android)

11am - 12pm 

Chair: Tom B. (UCSB)

Vice Chair: Ann H., Christy C., Christy H. (UCSC)


Joan S., Perry W., Stephanie S., John B., Vessela E., Shu L., Tony A., Emily L., Reid O., Ariel D., Tom B., Christy C., Christy H.



  1. Data Librarians / Data Curation meetup at UC Santa Barbara (March 23-24, 2017?)
    1. Tom will send out a Doodle Poll to figure out the best dates for the event
  2. UC Office of Scholarly Communication committee (Stephanie S.)
    1. website:
    2. If you're interested in joining this committee, please contact Stephanie, or you can contact Tom B. and he will forward the message to the committee

Topics for discussion:

  1. Video pilot project (Emily, Kat)
    1. Report:
    2. Submit final edits to Emily and Kat by the end of next week 
    3. The document will be submitted at that time
  2. Dash 2.0 update (Stephanie S.)
    1. slides: DASH_DCCKG_sneakpeek.pdf
    2. Further questions on the updated version of DASH can be directed to John Chodacki
    3. Estimated release date is October/November 2016
    4. This new version can sit atop any SWORD compliant repository
  3. RDM Maturity Model (John B.)
    1. website;
  4. Repository platform survey (Vessela E.)
    1. spreadsheet:
    2. reference:
    3. The documents will be put into our CKG Google Drive so that people can edit
  5. Software citation
    1. FORCE11's guidelines on software citation recently released
    2. DataCite metadata standard being updated to support software citation
    3. There is interest in bringing in someone to talk about this topic during a future call

General Notes:


Video Project.

The video is at 

Feedback Survey is located at

Quick guide for embedding youTube videos into a webpage:  Embedding_a_YouTube_Video.pdf  (file is also in the shared Google Drive project folder)


Optional Slack team now available:





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