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ReadyTalk (for virtual meetings): 8667401260 (toll-free) or 3032480285 (toll), access code: 5344579

11am - 12pm 

Chair: Reid O. 

Vice Chair: Tom B.





Optional Slack team now available:




Data Curation Videos Project updates - Emily

  1. Announcement was sent distributed system wide.  
    1. Discussion of the video—publicity, assessment, next steps.

  2.   Quick guide for embedding youTube videos into a webpage:  Embedding_a_YouTube_Video.pdf  (file is also in the shared Google Drive project folder)




Calls for possible (now or future) discussion/projects: - Vessela

  1. Last summer there was a report on the readiness of UCs to become ORCID members. The conclusion was that such an action would be premature. I’ve heard that things may have changed, and recently a couple of the directors of ORCID visited a number of campuses. I would like to hear about the campuses’ position on ORCID membership now. This agenda item would require some inquiries into positions of multiple departments (for instance, OVCR, Grad Division, CTSC if present) before the meeting, unless the CKG member has been directly involved in these discussions.
  2. Recently a number of UC campuses (including Davis) hosted workshops on the Open Science Framework. I would like to exchange feedback about the session, audience and likely uptake of the tool, as well as thoughts on any plans to become member institutions with COS.
  3. I am going to be working on a list of data management platforms, the services they offer, how they differ from one another, and if possible, cost. I am looking for people interested in contributing to the list.




Video Project.

The video is at 

Feedback Survey is located at








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