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ReadyTalk (for virtual meetings): 8667401260 (toll-free) or 3032480285 (toll), access code: 5344579

11am - 12pm 

Chair: Reid O. 

Vice Chair: Tom B.








  1. Data Curation Videos Project updates? - Emily & Kat
    1. update via email from Emily: spoke to Donald Barclay about the CKG video.  DOC met last week and approved request distribution, with small suggestions.  Communication from DOC should be forthcoming soon.  If we do not hear from DOC, Donald will follow up. 
      1. Here are the URLs for the Video Project.

        The video is at 

        The rubric is at

        Feedback Survey is located at

        Please complete the rubric by the end of April and submit your evaluations to Emily Lin and me (;

      Announcement was sent to DOC chair, Todd Grappone, for system wide distribution.







3/30 meeting was recorded for those that could not make the call.  

Recorded meeting link:










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