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ReadyTalk (for virtual meetings): 8667401260 (toll-free) or 3032480285 (toll), access code: 5344579

11am - 12pm 

Chair: Reid O.  (absent)

Vice Chair: Tom B.


Perry W., Matthew M., Shu L., Tony A., Emily L., Jerrold S., Kat K., Tom B., Ann H., Christy C., Christy H.



Revised charter sent to Direction and Oversight Committee.  Will be added to UC Libraires CKG site soon.  

Thanks to all for reviewing and editing.




  1. Data Curation Videos Project update - Emily & Kat
    1. Assessment plan update?


  1. John Chodacki, new Director of UC3 - All
    What are the specific questions we want to ask him when he can join a call?
    1. Current list of questions in our  shared Google Docs:


  1. Data Curation Videos Project
    1. YouTube captures analytics info.  There are other ways to capture analytics as well, such as imbedding links and putting the videos on each campus' LibGuide.  This will take some coordination.  
    2. We can put each UC library's logo on a slide with a link to a web page that has links to each campus' data management info.  This is easier to manage than updating links in the video.
  2. Questions for John Chodacki
    1. Google doc questions were edited collectively
    2. Google doc will be shared with John beforehand
    3. Tom will contact Reid about recording the conversation for those who can't attend






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