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Zoom (for virtual meetings):

(408) 638-0968 (toll) or (646) 558-8656 (toll), access code: 791 623 164 (directly from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android)

11am - 12pm 

Chair: Tom B. (UCSB)

Vice Chair: Ann H., Christy C., Christy H. (UCSC)





  1. UCSB Library received approval to host a two-day California Data Librarians/Data Curators Meeting, March 13-14, 2017.


Topics for discussion:

  1. Video pilot project (Emily, Kat, Tom)
    1. Report submission:
  2. Software citation principles (Guest John Kratz, UC3/FORCE11)
    1. Smith AM, Katz DS, Niemeyer KE, FORCE11 Software Citation Working Group. (2016) Software citation principles. PeerJ Computer Science 2:e86
  3. Open Science Framework (Ann H.)
    1. website:

General Notes:

Optional Slack team now available:





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