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ReadyTalk (for virtual meetings): 8667401260 (toll-free) or 3032480285 (toll), access code: 5344579

11am - 12pm 

Chair: Reid O. 

Vice Chair: Tom B.




Happy New Year!

UCSC Practical Data Management class module 2  - Great training resource


Open data and reproducibility video from David Spiegelhalter of the Royal Society: (shared by Joan Starr on listserv)


DASH guide and UCI promotion information resources shared by Shu.  Thanks! 





  1. Sarah Toy, UCLAS Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC), member asked CKG to review and fill out an updated charter, confirm current membership, and reactivate the work of the CKG if it has been on hold during the transition to the new UCLAS structure.  A CKG charter template has been drafted and is available at Any revisions? Current Charter in Google Docs: Feb. 12.  
  2. Data Curation Videos Project update - Emily & Kat
    1. Assessment plan update?
    2. Merced producer left 
      Producer will continue on the project.  Gathering additional footage graphics, to add.  He still aiming to complete the video by mid February. 
      Final version distributed be end of March.
      Development assessment plan ,concerns from other UCs about assessment.  Respond to survey if you haven't already.  
      How are you going use the videos and how will lib measure the impact.  
      Brainstorm assessment.  
      Using web analytics. 
      How is it as a movie, how impactful is it in a learning situation. 
      Assessment tools available for other videos.  
      Looking for more information from other campuses.  
  3. John Chodacki, is the new Director of UC3 - All
    Three items/points to discuss 1) are we agreed that we want to invite him to a meeting? and 2) if yes, what are the 2-3 specific questions we want to ask him? and 3) are we agreed on sending him the questions in advance? 
    1. Training for dm - goals for uc3 for first and second year?
      Recent sharing data data parasites - managing and archiving and sharing where should the emphaiss go , rescued data sets.  Data parasites or hot topics.  Where sharing the archiving .  
      Plan for data sharing at UC3?  If there are any updates CDL or UC3 approach for data sharing.  How do you sell data sharing and how has that changed in the past few years?  "Carrots and sticks"
      Update on various services at UC3.  Explore what lies ahead for the services?
      Making data count group.  What kind of next steps they can create incentives.  
      How would see a group like dcckg with limited resources, helping to further the data initiatives and help advise ?

  1. Which campuses are planning or have offered data management training workshops?  






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