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CampusWeb Archiving Collecting StrengthsWeb Archiving Collecting AspirationsSocial Media Archiving ApproachesTools UsedLocal ExpertiseStaffingCollecting Policy (link if public or contact to share if not public)Preservation (current approach, issues to consider)

Health Sciences, AIDS/HIV and activism, Tobacco and related, some biotechnology, Science performed at UCSF

IDL (Industry Documents Library) - tobacco industry corporate sites, e-cigarette marketing, tobacco industry response to smoking regs/bans/excise taxes, sugary beverage ballot measures and industry response to regs

Better breadth of AIDS/HIV collections.

IDL: Expand collecting to include Pharmaceutical industry and Chemical industry - coverage of any regulatory actions in California and how these industries respond via front groups, marketing, etc.

none currently

Currently using when researchers request specific social media captures

This is part of responsibility of approx 2 FTE positions. (each probably dedicates about 10-15% of time to this)Archives: not currently store copies outside of Archive-it/ Would like to explore this but have no repository at the moment.
UCRUCR, Inland Empire Local Government, California Water Districts, Sacramento-San Joaquin River DeltaScience Fiction, greater coverage of the Inland Empire, Southern California Water Issues, Agriculture/CitrusDocNow testing underwayArchive-It
No one officially assigned to this work; 1 FTE (as time allows)None (CDP work planned for FY 2018-19)do not currently store outside of Archive-It
UCSDLocal San Diego Government Websites, UC San Diego Campus history, events and publications, Chinese bulletin board and news sites, H1N1 virus outbreak, 2010 Easter EarthquakeMore UCSD Campus Resources and publications,n/aArchive-It
Oversight of web archiving primarily falls to the Digital Archivist, with support from the University Archivist and curators with subject and / or language expertiseNone at this time (plan is in progress)
UCSCGrateful Dead archive, Monterey Bay Area Local Government Web Archive ( of primarily local and regional government sites related to governance, environment (incl. water), economy, health, etc. Also capture UCSC campus website and spontaneous captures of local issues.Greater coverage of local issues like housing, economy, politics (& political protest). Interested in "local" across California, at sub-regional, county and city level (not only Monterey Bay Area).n/aArchive-It
Portion of 1 FTE as time allows; potential interest from librarians in Spec Coll

UCLAInternational Area Studies (East Asian Studies, Near Eastern Studies, some Latin American Studies), Digital Humanities, Performing Arts, Political Science, LGBTQ Studies.Curate in areas of research need for UCLA. Increase collecting in of Los Angeles area and UCLA-generated online content.Presently most content is being captured using Archive-It, but we are interested in exploring specific tools/platforms for which collecting of Social Media might be better suited. Current content includes social media related to Arab Spring events, as well as various Chinese media platforms. Archive-It
Oversight of web archiving primarily falls to 1 FTE position (Digital Workflow Coordinator), dedicating about 20% of time to this.

UCDUC Davis web domain (university history, culture, and research strengths), California Aggie student newspaper, and Davis and Sacramento regional materials (including regional history and local government).

Tilt collection development toward subject areas of distinction (research strengths) at UCD, particularly sites that support research and instruction. This would include agriculture, food sciences, viticulture and enology, environmental sciences, veterinary medicine, etc.

Goal is to leverage subject librarians for site nomination.

None currentlyArchive-It
Less than 1 FTE. Primary responsibility for web archiving is with the University Archivist as an aspect of the Archives and Institutional Assets Program, with support coming from the Processing Archivist.Not currently public. Contact kcmiller@ucdavis.edudo not currently store outside of Archive-It
UCIUC Irvine web domains (university news, divisions, schools, 50th anniversary); Orange County regional (history, politics, LGBTQ communities in Irvine, development of the city of Irvine, demographics); and Southeast Asian American experience (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos including self-identified Khmer Americans, Hmong Americans, Laotian Americans, Yao (Iu Mien) AmericansExpand UCI collection to include student organization websites of enduring value; potential explore a Critical Theory collectionNone currently but would like to look into archiving Tweets (pilot test with DocNow?) relating to student and community response to incidents on campusArchive-It
Oversight of web archiving is shared with staff in Special Collections & Archives (Assistant University Archivist, two curators), and the Digital Library Developer Analyst in Digital Scholarship Services (DSS). web archive - a collaborative initiative of gov docs librarians from across the UC Libraries, the California State Library, California State Archives, and Stanford University to document the California state government web domain. Also developing Cobweb, an IMLS-supported project to create a collaborative collection development platform, working in partnership with UCLA and Harvard University.Support collaborative web archive initiatives. Initiate a digital "campaign lit" web archive collection to document the 2018 California general election, complementing the web archiveNone currentlyArchive-It
A portion of 1 FTE

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