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Reading, research, and writing: teaching information literacy with process-based research assignments by Mary Snyder Broussard. ACRL 2017

Alesia McManus
Booth, C. (2011). Reflective teaching, effective learning: Instructional literacy for library educators. Chicago: American Library Association. (esp. the chapter on instructional design)Dani Cook
The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman (the spirit of design thinking rather than Id specifics)Amanda Roth
The Accidental Instructional Designer: Learning Design for the Digital Age by Cammy BeanAmanda Roth
Performance-Focused Smile Sheets: a radical rethinking of a dangerous art form (Will Thalheimer)Dominique Turnbow


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Turner, J. (2016). Instructional Design: Skills to Benefit the Library Profession. portal: Libraries and the Academy 16(3), 477-489.Michael Yonezawa
Hughes, M., & Lacy, C. J. (2016). " The Sugar'd Game before Thee": Gamification Revisited. portal: Libraries and the Academy, 16(2), 311-326.Dani Cook

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