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List both areas and individuals, citing their responsibilities. Please modify, overwrite, and add to these examples to accurately describe the roles and responsibilities for your particular project.

 i. Team Manager: Provides overall direction on the project.  Responsibilities (final list defined after discussion with project analyst): develop project plan; keep abreast of major project activities; make decisions on escalated issues; assist in the resolution of roadblocks; direct the project resources (team members); approve deliverables; communicate project status to stakeholders; liaise with NGTS Management Team.

Jane Smith

 ii. Project Analyst: Creates secondary plans and logs; manages the project to scope. Responsibilities (final list defined after discussion with sponsor/team manager): develop secondary plans and logs; scope control; maintain all documentation including the project plans and logs; report and forecast project status.

John Doe

iii. Team Members: Work toward the deliverables of the project.  Responsibilities include:  understand the work to be completed; complete research, data gathering, analysis, and documentation as outlined in the project plan; inform the project manager of issues, scope changes, and risk and quality concerns; proactively communicate status; and manage expectations.

Ann X.
Abbey Y.
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