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  • Randy Brandt (UCB)
  • Michael Campos-Quinn (UCB)
  • Jessie Sherwood (UCB)
  • TJ Kao (UCD)
  • Tricia Lampron (UCI)
  • Annette Doss (UCLA)
  • James Fiala (UCLA)
  • Jasmine Jones (UCLA)
  • Rebecca Marschall (UCLA)
  • Nina Schneider (UCLA)
  • Jessica Geiser (UCR)
  • Natalie Moller (UCR)
  • Michelle Mascaro (UCSD)
  • Cathleen Lu (UCSF)
  • Martha McTear (UCSB)-convener
  • Belinda Egan (UCSC)

Meeting Minutes

Campus copy-specific information best practices 

Campus practices on genre headings for special collections materials

Finding aid link display

Campus practices for encoding local data (pre-SILS)

Potential harmonization post migration

SILS cleanup project inventory

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