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Janine Henri submitted a request for special funding to acquire Archivision Modules, up to Module 11 plus the Special Art A Module. The request was approved and she now has the drive with the images and data. She will be loading these modules into Shared Shelf. This means that if any other UC campus purchases some of these modules, she will be able to share the UCLA instances of these modules with them, rather than each campus having to upload and host the modules.

Janine J. Henri

Architecture, Design, and Digital Services Librarian

UCLA Arts Library

UCSD libraries are using Shared Shelf as the cataloging and asset management tool for a collection of 418 images related to the multimedia work "Ping" by UC San Diego faculty member Roger Reynolds. Reynolds was provided a login for Shared Shelf so he could enter a full description for each image. This proved much more information than a cataloger could ever ascertain through research. Once Reynolds was finished, the catalogers then parsed out select information into discrete fields linked to the Shared Shelf vocabualries.

The completed assets will be published in ARTstor, Open Shelf, and will be mapped to the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections. All ongoing maintenance of the metadata will be done in Shared Shelf and then re-published to the three discovery tools.

Greg Reser
UC San Diego Library
9500 Gilman Drive, 0175K
La Jolla, CA 92093-0175 

Phone: 858.246.0998
Skype: gregreser

UCLA Department of Art History Awarded Visual Resources in Instruction Grant

The Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE) Innovation and Development Program recently informed The UCLA Department of Art History, supported by the Center for Digital Humanities, that funding for their “Visual Resources in Instruction” grant proposal has been partially approved. Specifically, the Committee approved funds associated with licensing Shared Shelf and with integrating Omeka with CCLE.

Art History Professor Steven Nelson, the grant's Principal Investigator, will work with the Center for Digital Humanities to bring Shared Shelf content into his teaching and student projects. This grant will allow the UCLA Library to enhance its access to Shared Shelf in order to host all of the UCLA Art History Department's images. In addition, CDH programmers will build an Omeka LTI bridge to Moodle, to facilitate course projects and instruction based on Shared Shelf content.

Artstor's Shared Shelf is an enterprise-wide media management solution that enables institutions to upload, catalog, and share their digital collections. Shared Shelf is the solution that was adopted by UC Shared Images to provide access within the ARTstor Digital Library to images licensed by CDL or contributed by other UCs. A Shared Shelf plugin allows users to bulk-publish image files and associated metadata to Omeka collections.

Additional Information:

UCLA Department of Art History:

UCLA Digital Humanities:

CCLE Instructional Development Program:

ARTstor Digital Library:

UC Shared Images:

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI):

Janine J. Henri

Architecture, Design, and Digital Services Librarian

UCLA Arts Library

1400 Public Affairs Building

Box 959312

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1392

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