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September 21, 2016     1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Ready Talk: 866-740-1260

Pass code: 8248781


Notetaker: UCSB

Roll Call:  Donald Barclay, Mary Linn Bergstrom, Marty Brennan, Mitchell Brown, Jennifer Chan, Katie Fortney, Rhonda Neugebauer, Angela Riggio, Amy Studer, Samantha Teplitzky, Anneliese Taylor,  Gary Colmenar, , Monica Westin, Mat Willmott, Jackie Wilson,

1.Introduction - Monica Westin, CDL.

Welcome announcement for Monica Westin

She replaces Katrina Romanowsky who left the end of summer. Her main responsibilities are support for and redesign eScholarship.  Gathering information on journals and ways to support these are some of her duties.

Question from Mary Linn: Will the same group be reassembled for user group to test redesign?  Not certain but she double check with Catherine Mitchell. The redesign still early in the process at wireframes level.

2.APC discount agreements and publicity update (Mathew Willmott)

Mat responded to Gary’s question about CDL’s support for OA and what they have been offering. Mat first gave a recap of his responsibilities in his new role as “Open Access Collection Strategist”. 

Focus on emerging business OA models and evaluate them based on the criteria of their transformative nature and coordinates with the STAR team.  He works with publishers who are offering subscription content for their models. Works with UC authors who want to publish in hybrid journals and identify ways to combine models with open access (offset agreements) that results in APC discounts. Ex. Taylor and Francis

His overarching criteria is to have the model be transformative or transitional in nature.  Also novel way to dissemination of works.  Also looking at sustainability moving forward.  A great part of the evaluative work he will be doing with the new publishing models.  Figuring out what is sustainable.  Can models be transitioned to be sustainable over the long haul? Finally, also considers if resource fits with the goals and directions of CDL and UCs as a whole.

CDL’s criteria on this:

  1. Needed by UC community,
  2. Improve scholarly output by UC authors.
  3. Transformative in nature, novel ways to support. Transitional to something sustainable.
  4. Sustainable.
  5. Resource fits with the goals and directions of CDL and UC as a whole.

Another aspect of his job is outreach to UC community and US publishing community as a whole. Helping users, conveying our support of models and our philosophy of collections is the long term plan. To this end he will need help from subject librarians and other CDL folks.

Wiley has also contacted UC librarians directly.  Has anyone heard from them? Mat has talked to Ivy about this. CDL is approaching these OA agreements as a whole, not as individual deposit accounts for each campus. CDL may not set up a UC-wide deposit account. But they agreed to talk to us about sustainable models for their publishing ventures in the US and California.

To summarize, Mat considers these CDL moves as not insignificant investments.

Taylor and Francis:  We are finalizing agreement with full-open access journals and open select – 75 percent discounts off APCs and retroactive to 2016?

Open access discount is active now.

Working on acceptance letter to send to faculty to inform them of the open access option. UC will ask T&F for list of UC authors who have published to get a discount in publishing open access.  Send Mat your thoughts about this idea – appropriate or not.

Question from Mary Linn: Are you the point person to send information about publishers open access ventures?  Mat, yes

Question from Gary: Is there budget. There is not a specific budget, but the goal is to incorporate this into license agreements and be as cost-neutral for UC as possible. Similar to UK.

3.Open Access Week plans (campus round robin)  

UCSB, UCR, & UCSC have shared information to the listserv.

UCSD: Film showing of Aaron Schwartz and other related films. Panel on NIH researcher.  Several events more than they’ve done in the past.  No flyer yet.

UCI: Session on electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs).  One of the last campuses to go active with ETDs, session on OA Presidential Policy, Wednesday Zine fest  by special collections; Thursday ORCID for researchers.

UCB: Rachael is putting together events on copyrights and dissertations, publishing dissertation, publishing and book contacts, increasing scholarly impact, open data, humanities.

UCLA: “open access pass” (backstage pass) gathering in the library. Event 1: for staff eScholarship, S&E library; Event 2: for faculty.

Suggest to ask swags from publishers.

4.Updates on implementation of Presidential OA policy (campus round robin) 

UCI:  Slow rollout (grad orientations), inform that graduate students, post-docs will be covered by policy.

Mary Linn in agreement with the slow rollout as eScholarship system is getting a makeover.

Anneliese they won’t be able to bring personal records without bringing in another tech person.

5.Updates on STAR team and PeerJ with discussion (Jackie, etc.)

STAR Team:

Reviews and in-depth analysis for the following resources are almost done - available within a month. We’ll share with CKGs and local campuses.

  1. FigShare: Roxanne Peck (UCLA)
  2. PeerJ: Bethany? Christy Hightower? Mat (CDL)

Jackie gave overview of process.  Online request form sent to STAR team.  Then will send to SCLG who will decide to do an expedited or long review, or be sent back.   Mat working on website with request form definitions, information sheets with (evaluated products in the pipeline). Flow chart enhanced embedded on the link.

Request for transformative product evaluation can come from CKGs, or any group on campus.

Reveal Digital review done by end of winter quarter.

6.Creative Commons licensing elections for dissertations and theses in eScholarship (Rachael Samberg):  Tabled next month because Rachael is not on the call.

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