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SP CKG Roster


UC Berkeley

Susan Koskinen

Librarian for Integrative Biology, Energy, Nutrition
Scholarly Communications Group, UC Berkeley

Rachael Samberg
Scholarly Communications Officer

Samantha Teplitzky
Earth & Physical Sciences Librarian

UC Davis

Amy Studer
Health and Life Sciences Librarian

UC Irvine

Mitchell Brown
Research Librarian for Chemistry, Earth System Science, and Russian; Scholarly Communications Coordinator

Shu Liu
Metadata and Digital Resources Librarian


Martin Brennan (Co-Chair)
Copyright and Licensing Librarian

Jennifer Chan
Scholarly Communication Librarian

UC Merced

Donald Barclay
Deputy University Librarian

Jerrold Shiroma
Digital Scholarship Librarian

UC Riverside

Swati Bhattacharyya
Scholarly Communication Librarian

Brianna Marshall
Director Research Services

UC San Diego

Mary Linn Bergstrom
Liaison Librarian – Bioinformatics, Human Development, Research Data Curation

Allegra Swift
Scholarly Communications Librarian

UC San Francisco

Anneliese Taylor
Assistant Director, Scholarly Communications & Collections

UC Santa Barbara

Sherri Barnes
Scholarly Communication Program Coordinator

Kyra Folk-Farber
Music Librarian

UC Santa Cruz

Christy Hightower
Science and Engineering Collections Coordinator


Katie Fortney (Co-Chair)
Copyright Policy & Education Officer

Monica Westin
Publishing Outreach & Engagement Coordinator

Mat Willmott
Open Access Collections Strategist

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