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  • SP CKG Notes - March 18, 2015
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Scholarly Publishing Common Knowledge Group (SPCKG) – Conference Call Minutes

 March 18, 2015

 In attendance:  Susan Koskinen (Berkeley), Mary Wood (Davis), Shu Liu (Irvine) (facilitator), Mitchell Brown (Irvine) (notetaker), Susan Mikkelsen (Merced), Rhonda Neugebauer (Riverside), Bethany Harris (San Diego), Mary Linn Bergstrom (San Diego), Christy Hightower (Santa Cruz), Anneliese Taylor (San Francisco), Jacqueline Wilson (CDL),

 Absent: Amy Studer (Davis), Samantha Teplitzky (Berkeley)

 Guests: Justin Gonder, Lisa Schiff, Catherine Mitchell, Katrina Romanowsky, Marty Brennan


1)      Announcements

a)      March 20 – The Role of Fair Use Best Practices, UCLA, Young Research Library

b)      RSC Gold for Gold Vouchers distributed to Chemistry Librarians.  Mitchell shared that Jackie Wilson has distributed the 2015 RSC Gold-for-Gold OA publishing vouchers to Chemistry Librarians through the UCSEL list.  Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) allows the remainder of 2014 vouchers to be used through end of March 2014.  Susan Mikkelsen asked about the new license requested when a voucher is used for a previously published article and what manuscript number to use.  Mitchell will check with RSC about details.


2)      Planning for redesign of eScholarship (Catherine and Katrina)

a)      Katrina shared that eScholarship will be undergoing a redesign for the next few months with a potential reveal in mid-October during Open Access Week 2015.  eScholarship began in 2002 and the current frontend display was developed in 2009.  The backend software changed from BePress to Open Journal Systems (OJS) in 2011 and static pages were redesigned in 2012.  The new design will make changes to the dynamic pages and include changes suggested by user features list and enhance the previously published works section for papers added under the UC OA Policy, to make it easier for contributors to comply with the policy.  CDL will be reaching out to its user base with surveys, user testing, and SP CKG for feedback.  Redesign will look at the object view publication display page, the webpage where details of the article are shown.  This is the primary contact point for most online users, so the redesign will look at ways to drive more use of the site from the article view page.  Will address gaps between what the site currently offers and what users need, and develop an efficient way to answer repeated questions. The user base include faculty, students, librarians, and administrative staff. More details will follow.  Ideas are welcome for how to make the site more useful for answering questions.


3)      Updates on UC Open Access Policy implementation 

a)      UCLA (Marty Brennan)

Marty talked about the UCLA launch of the UC Publications Management System at UCLA in mid-January, which has had solid uptake.  He shared a document “Advisory for campus support of the UC Publication Management System “Harvester”’ (3/13/15) with a timeline for communications to faculty and sample emails sent from UCLA.  Marty mentioned setting up an email account to address faculty responses or questions, although a ticketing system (using JIRA) approach may be an option. Benefits of setting up a ticketing system include analysis, etc. Some faculty requests were to have the library complete the work for them but UCLA has decided not to offer the proxy option due to potential impact on staff workload to service the large faculty population.  They have had three faculty meetings on the topic and that was a “golden egg”. Lisa Schiff will coordinate with the next campuses to launch UC Publications Management System and set up  campus contacts to work with CDL on implementation.  Lisa and Katrina are adding support materials to the UC OA Policy wiki. (

b)      UCSF (Anneliese)

Anneliese shared that San Francisco will be launching soon.  A letter drafted to faculty and from the new Vice Provost, Executive Vice Chancellor and University Librarian about the OA Policy is nearly ready to be sent.  Anneliese worked with a faculty on Pharmacy who is interested in the NIH Mandate and UC Open Access Policy and gave a talk to her medical colleagues.  A point raised by faculty is why submit to the UC Publication Management System if articles are already in PubMedCentral, as a requirement of the NIH mandate? Additional money from the faculty senate was available to fund the Open Access Publishing Fund.  The library will reinstate in about a week.  The fund may receive ongoing support from money the Faculty Senate dedicated to fund OA publishing.

c)      UCI (Mitchell)

Irvine sent email from the UCI Faculty Senate Chair and University Librarian on February 11 announcing the harvester and allowing faculty to choose to opt-out of preloading publications from the Academic Personnel system (myData).  Additional email from Academic Personnel gave faculty two weeks to choose to opt-out of the preload option.  Librarians sent a notice to faculty on March 3 and the harvester launched March 11.  Irvine used the UCLA template for an FAQ and created an email account for faculty to send questions and comments.  The email account is monitored by three staff members and has an expectation to respond to messages within 24 hours.

4)       Updates from other campuses on UC Open Access implementation

a)      UCSD - Mary Linn mentioned that San Diego had a potential target date of April from a SAG1 meeting note. 

b)      UCSB - Gary shared from Sherri Barnes (SAG1) that Santa Barbara has sent out an email to faculty in March and is working on integrating into the system during the Spring Quarter.  Two flyers and an infographics were created; copies of these documents are included on the OA Policy wiki (thanks to Katrina). Subject librarians will send out a separate email to their departments and a team at SB will be formed to implement the UC Publications Management System.  Subject librarians will have an ongoing responsibility to respond to faculty questions about the service


Next call:  April 15.

Meeting adjourned 1:54 p.m. 

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