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Launched January 31, 2014

Charter (rev May 2016)

Membership (rev June 2014)

UCB- Lynn Jones [co-chair, 2014-2016]

UCD- David Michalski

UCI- Cynthia Johnson [co-chair, 2014-2017]

UCM- Elizabeth McMunn­ Tetangco

UCR- Michele Potter

UCR- Ken Furuta

UCLA- Alison Benedetti

UCSB- Lorna Lueck

UCSB- Stephanie Tulley

UCSC- Frank Gravier

UCSD- Deborah Kegel

UCSD- Gayatri Singh

UCSF- Eric Peterson

CDL - Alison Ray


PB wiki for Reference CKG working documents

Survey of Interests

Meeting Notes

April 15, 2015 conference call

February 12, 2015 conference call

March 26, 2014 conference call

November 11, 2014 conference call

July 3, 2014 conference call (no minutes)

Annual Report



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