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Launched January 31, 2014

Charter (rev May 2016)

Membership (rev May 2022)

  • UCB- Nicole Brown
  • UCB- Abby Scheel (co-chair)
  • UCD- Alesia McManus
  • UCI- Cynthia Johnson 
  • UCM- Elizabeth McMunn­ Tetangco (co-chair)
  • UCM - Sara Davidson Squibb 
  • UCR - Michele Potter
  • UCLA- Miki Goral
  • UCLA - Joseph Yue
  • UCLA - Estefani Bowline
  • UCSB- Kristen LaBonte
  • UCSB - Mary-Michelle Moore, Selena Chau
  • UCSC- Frank Gravier
  • UCSD- Deborah Kegel, Amanda Roth, Natalie Tagge
  • UCSF- ??
  • CDL - Alison Ray


Survey of Interests (2014)

Authentication Task Force (2016)

UC Davis Summary Report on the Library Research Consult Pilot 2017-2018

Annual Report


PB wiki for Reference CKG working documents (being decommissioned)

Request listserv changes via Jayne Dickson at CDL. Sara or Cynthia may also be able to make changes if Jayne is unavailable.

Meeting Notes

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