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Project Plan


  1. Project Name                                                                   version                           date


  1. 2.    Project Description and Goals
    Describe the project in terms that are understandable to everyone on the project team.

  2. 3.    Project Scope (In and Out)
    Describe the scope of the project.  The project scope establishes the boundaries of the project.  It identifies the limits of the project and defines the deliverables.

  3. 4.    Stakeholders/Roles and Responsibilities

List both areas and individuals, citing their responsibilities. Please modify, overwrite, and add to these examples to accurately describe the roles and responsibilities for your particular project.


i. Sponsor/Team manager: Provides overall direction on the project.  Responsibilities (final list defined after discussion with project analyst): develop project plan; keep abreast of major project activities; make decisions on escalated issues; assist in the resolution of roadblocks; direct the project resources (team members); approve deliverables; communicate project status to stakeholders.



Email & Phone




ii. Project Analyst: Creates secondary plans and logs; manages the project to scope. Responsibilities (final list defined after discussion with sponsor/team manager): develop secondary plans and logs; scope control; maintain all documentation including the project plans and logs; report and forecast project status.


Email & Phone




iii. Team Members: Work toward the deliverables of the project.  Responsibilities include:  understand the work to be completed; complete research, data gathering, analysis, and documentation as outlined in the project plan; inform the project manager of issues, scope changes, and risk and quality concerns; proactively communicate status; and manage expectations.


Email & Phone













  1. Success Criteria
    Identify targets you are trying to achieve and the metrics to be used to assess the progress towards those targets.


  1. Assumptions
    List and describe the assumptions made in the decision to charter this project.  Please note that all assumptions must be validated to ensure that the project stays on schedule and within resource constraints. 

  2. Milestone List
    List the major milestones of the project.








  1. 8.      Cost Baseline (optional)
    Estimate the amount of money that each project phase will cost.


Supplemental Documents

  • RACI
  • Project Task List
  • Communication Plan
  • Risk Log
  • Resource Plan
  • WBS (optional)
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