Preservation Common Knowledge Group 

APRIL 2016

1. Summary

The Preservation Common Knowledge Group (CKG) is a standing group of experts and pioneers in the areas of preservation and digital reformatting. This CKG communicates with and provides support to the UC Libraries Advisory Structure but does not make systemwide policy decisions, manage projects or project teams, or oversee ongoing services. 

Our current documentation is available here: Documents produced by the group in previous years as the Preservation Advisory Group (PAG) can be found at

2. Scope of work

The Preservation CKG provides a forum for discussing preservation activities, including work in the “traditional” areas of preservation (binding, repair and conservation, disaster recovery, environmental monitoring) as well as digitization of analog collections and digital preservation. PRES-CKG has also contributed to broader collection management considerations; including shared print and retention decisions, within the scope of how these activities fit in a broader preservation strategy and how material condition and storage environment data affect decisions.

3. Key Responsibilities

PRES-CKG key responsibilities are to:

  • Gather and share information about project opportunities, new technologies or practices, the broader preservation and digitization environment, and local campus developments
  • Receive ideas from various UC constituents, discuss them, and assess their potential for new system-wide services and/or service improvements
  • Develop and advance innovative ideas, services, and/or improvements relevant to the University of California Libraries Systemwide Plan and Priorities
  • Take on other topics or strategic developments relevant to preservation and reformatting and within the limits of the CKG guidelines

4. Membership and Terms of Appointment


Adrian.Turner@UCOP.EDU Adrian TurnerUCOP
aloera@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU Alyssa LoeraLos Angeles
kelstad@ucsc.eduKatie ElstadSanta Cruz
avelined@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU Dawn AvelineLos Angeles Arroyo-RamirezIrvine
cgarciaspitz@UCSD.EDU Cristela Garcia-SpitzSan Diego
chesley@UCSC.EDU Sue Chesley-PerryIrvine
chuhn@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU Christine HuhnBerkeley
cmetzger@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU Chela MetzgerLos Angeles
crissmeyer@ucsb.eduChrissy RissmeyerSanta Barbara
Charles.Macquarie@ucsf.eduCharles MacquarieSan Francisco
crnels@UCSB.EDU Catherine NelsonSanta Barbara
elin@UCMERCED.EDU Emily LinMerced
eric.milenkiewicz@UCR.EDU Eric MilenkiewiczRiverside
howarter@LIBRARY.UCSB.EDU David HowarterSanta Barbara
hwagner3@UCMERCED.EDU Heather WagnerMerced
hannahbt@berkeley.eduHannah TashjianBerkeley
jacksonb@uci.eduJackson BuiIrvine
jdooley@UCMERCED.EDU Jim DooleyMerced
jgoldsmi@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU Julie GoldsmithBerkeley
jneves@UCSD.EDU Jack NevesSan Diego
jshiroma@UCMERCED.EDU Jerrold ShiromaMerced

Lisa VallenMerced
melings@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU Mary ElingsBerkeley
MikeFol@BERKELEY.EDU Mike FoleyBerkeley
mkings@library.ucla.eduMarissa KingsUCLA
patricsh@UCR.EDU Patricia Smith-HuntRiverside
Paul.Fogel@UCOP.EDU Paul FogelUCOP
renata.ewing@UCOP.EDU Renata EwingUCOP
ros001@UCSD.EDU Roger SmithSan Diego
seubert@LIBRARY.UCSB.EDU David SeubertSanta Barbara
skoller@UCDAVIS.EDU Sarah KollerDavis
stelnabli@ucsd.eduStefan ElnabliSan Diego
sschaefer@UCSD.EDU Sibyl SchaeferSan Diego
stoebner@UCSC.EDU Sue StoebnerSanta Cruz
susan.boone@UCSF.EDU Susan BooneSan Francisco
ydessem@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU Yasmin DessemLos Angeles
Kathryn.Stine@ucop.eduKathryn StineUCOP
jbeiser@uci.eduJolene BeiserUCI
zmacleod@uci.eduZoe MacleodUCI
sglover1@uci.eduSarah GloverUCI

Miyuki MeyerUCSD

Kirk WangUCSD

Membership is open to all levels of staff interested in and/or responsible for preservation or digital reformatting in the UC Libraries. This includes managers, project managers, and hands-on practitioners. To seek membership, interested parties should contact the chair. The group is open to librarians and staff representing the 10 UC campuses as well as members from the California Digital Library.

The chair usually serves for two years and is drawn from the membership.

5. Communication responsibilities

PRES-CKG communication responsibilities are to:

  • Respond to queries and requests received from UC Library Advisory Structure groups, as appropriate
  • Maintain an email list for use by the CKG; CKGs with open membership will maintain lists open to all interested UC Libraries staff 
  • Post and maintain a historical record of meeting minutes and reports, making them available to the UCL Advisory Structure
  • Send suggestions to develop new ideas, services, or to improve existing operations, services, or practices to the UCL Advisory Structure

This CKG communicates regularly through these forums:

Wiki: Preservation CKG (

6. Meetings

The CKG meets at least quarterly via phone conference, with irregular communication via the established email list. 

Submitted by Dawn Aveline, Preservation CKG Chair, April 2016

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