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Note taker: San Diego

Present: Brian Quigley (co-chair - UCB), Lisa Ngo (UCB), Susan Powell (UCB), Kortney Rupp (UCB), Anna Sackmann (UCB), Sam Teplitzky (UCB), Cory Craig (UCD), JJ Harbster (UCD), Nicole Helregel (UCI), Hector Perez-Gilbe (UCI), Tony Aponte (UCLA), Mary Zide (UCLA), Jim Dooley (UCM), Dave Schmitt (note taker - UCSD), Deborah Kegel (UCSD), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Sarah McClung (UCSF), Andrea Duda (UCSB), Chuck Huber (UCSB), Christy Caldwell (UCSC), Christy Hightower (UCSC), Holly Eggleston (guest - CDL), Deanna Johnson (guest - UCD)

  1. Roll call & housekeeping

  2. CRCnetBASE transition to new Taylor & Francis ebook platform (Holly Eggleston)

    All content on CRCnetBASE platform will migrate to the Taylor & Francis ebook platform so all T&F ebook content will be on the same platform. Holly is working with T&F to work through the transition and management of the resource.

    October 31 will be the hard switchover date, with redirects from T&F. There will be a period of overlap before that, and CDL will be working with campuses on specifics.

    CHEMnetBASE will continue to be hosted separately, with no transition planned. Holly can ask about long term strategy for CHEMnetBASE.

    New MARC records will be provided from T&F, Holly thinks. Redirects will cover functionality in short term, but cataloging will be transitioned in longer term.

    Locally subbed content will migrate over at the same time, with local responsibility for checking functionality and cataloging.

  3. Tier 1 review

    Tier 1 review – Jim Dooley – CoUL has approved in principle a shift to FTE model. SCLG looking at how this will play out. CoUL also asked SCLG to look at possibility of cancelling any Tier 1 resources to help with FTE model implementation.

    SCLG is giving campuses time for input through Oct 2, with a vote next Monday.

    Deborah pointed out that OpticsInfobase was originally evaluated based on database metrics, and should be evaluated with journal metrics. Jim noted that SCLG has removed it from the list. Cory mentioned that Methods of Enzymology data is wrong, Jim notes that SCLG is aware.

    Campuses discussed their current thinking on the PSE resources being reviewed for possible cancellation. Many campuses plan to vote to keep most if not all of these PSE resources. INSPEC seems to be the resource most likely to convert to a Tier 2. There were also questions about AMS journals from some campuses with low usage - seems like researchers are not going to resource, but through arXiv or other sources. If they cancel, there would be other copies in the system available for ILL.

    If resources drop to Tier 2, how will that affect cost? Workload? Unknown for certain until negotiations take place.

    Looking into other ways of saving money? Title swapping allowed for some packages, not others. Some don’t allow trimming of the packages for the length of the contract. Trimming doesn’t always work – dropping some titles may just make others more expensive so the total is the same.

    UCI noted that metrics seem unfair for products which are used heavily but only by small group of people. UCLA noted that it seemed like a rushed process and wondered how discovery system stats are being counted, and how that will affect usage stats.

    We expect to find out about results of voting in a few weeks.

  4. Nano trial feedback

    Trial concluded. There was not a lot of enthusiasm for the product. It has good content conveniently packaged but did not seem to offer much that we don’t already have elsewhere. No one has received requests from researchers for it yet. Campuses can set up a training webinar with our Springer Nature rep if interested.

    Brian asked for comments over email this week to share with CDL.

  5. New & continuing resources

    1. ENGnetBASE pilot - final selections

      Last time for ENGnetBASE DDA. DDA group reviewed stats. Automatically selected high use titles (avg. 18 uses, avg 2.6 campuses using). Titles already owned by at least one campus via a Tier 2 or 3 purchase were not selected, regardless of usage. List of titles not selected but with campus use will be sent out for campuses to decide to purchase locally.

      103 titles purchased.

    2. Mary Ann Liebert

      Sarah looking for campus interest level on titles to add/drop for negotiations. She is handling the negotiations this year but is not the resource liaison. HLS is looking for someone to take over next year.

      MAL includes content beyond HLS so Sarah is interested in our feedback too. She has list of titles where campuses subscribe locally outside the package. UCI noted 4 titles that they would like group to add.

      Currently all campuses except UCB and UCSC participate. It might make more sense for this to eventually become less of a Tier 2 and local campuses work separately. We’ll see how negotiations go.

      Please respond by the end of the week with any campus feedback about titles.

    3. 1Science (Tony Aponte)

      1figr: Product is an analytics product to analyze what journals to keep. Data includes Counter reports and cost data can be added. Also factors in campus publications and citations. Also determines what is OA, and so what can be cancelled based on free accessibility.

      1findr: An article database. Wants to rival WoS/Scopus.

      1foldr: Populates IR to help with OA mandates. Finds what is on the web and not on the web, and alerts you of gaps.

      UCSF has a subscription to 1findr and 1figr. UCLA is interested in getting more information about 1figr in particular and may ask for a snapshot to trial the product. Tony is going to talk to them at the Charleston Conference and share additional information at our November conference call.

    4. Other resources?

      Clarivate has visited some campuses to show enhancements to WoS. They have a new partnership with ImpactStory to incorporate links to more OA content into records for the articles WoS indexes.

  6. Campus announcements

    UCI – Just subbed to Scopus again. License limits walk in users. Not yet active.
    UCSF – New UL has started in August. Carla Lindquist is new Data Science Initiative lead.

Next Meeting: Nov 30, 2017



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