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Note-taker: Merced

Present:  Brian Quigley (UCB); Lisa Ngo (UCB); Sam Tepitzky (UCB); Cory Craig (co-chair - UCD); Julia Gelfand (co-chair - UCI); Nicole Helregel (UCI); Hector Perez-Gilbe (UCI); Tony Aponte (UCLA); Joe Ameen (note taker -UCM); Dave Schmitt (UCSD); Teri Vogel (UCSD); Mary Linn Bergstrom (UCSD); Andrea Duda (UCSB); ? (UCSC); Sarah McClung (UCSF).

1. Roll call  (please mark your attendance with an X in the roll call spreadsheet 


2. Journal/Database Cancellation Project

a)       Any news or updates?

b)      Irvine: Reviewing materials (backfile serials and journals) for possible removal. Ensuring that perpetual access is assured before backfiles are removed. Allowing for growth space.

c)       Davis: The top two floors of the PSE library have been closed and are being remodeled as office/collaboration space for a physics initiative. Volumes on those floors have been moved to Shields or RLF.


3. New & Continuing Resources 

a)       Tier 1 Journals/Databases:  Updates on campus weeding projects/major reviews?
Safari 2019:  Renewed for 2019 as is. This only includes O’Reilly content. Additional Safari materials would cost considerably more. The full package would cost about three times as much. There is duplication in materials with other packages. As a Tier 1 the cost would be shared based on the new model. Multiple campuses are not interested in pursuing this at the greater cost. Additional information will be sent out by Julia Gelfand.

b)      Tier 2 Journals/Databases:  Any updates/news to share? 
Mary Ann Liebert (Julia).  A new title exists on the cannabis industry. It is moving from open access to subscription at a cost of about $1900.  The goal is to determine whether or not this could be a Tier 2. Action Item (Sarah McClung): Will bring this up with the HLS group and ask for a volunteer.

c)       Compendex: Engineering School Profile (ESP)  Link was shared among group. (

d)      Google Dataset Search link was shared:

e)      Elsevier.  Elsevier rep contacted Julia looking for information on the status of INSPEC. CDL communicated that the issue is mute until other negotiations are complete.
Goals with Elsevier include reducing costs and offsetting with open access. Including reduced APCs and cost sharing between the author and libraries. Monies spent on APCs would be applied to the cost of the package. A task force has been assigned to this (Elsevier Task Force). Our license is valid through December.  

f)        Last Copy
The question was raised as to whether or not last copy should be considered when cancelling. Pressuring a campus to maintain a resource that they don’t need isn’t practical.

g)       Lyell Collection
The cost of this resource is about to increase in mid-October if it does not become a Tier 2.


4. SILS: any update or news?

David Schmitt is on the Chairs Plus Group (CPG). Current status: working on logistics and determining how to write the RFP.  Goal is to have an RFP out by March 2019.


5. Systematic reviews of Non-medical subject areas

Is anyone doing these?  Can you share your approach?

Julia is working on a few of these. It has been a time consuming and laborious process.

Other areas have been trying to do more of this. The protocol in medical subject areas is so stringent that it’s difficult to apply more broadly.

UCSD does teach this but does not offer the service.

The last four big engineering grants at UCI were NIH grants, which may speak to a growing need for these types of services.


6. Dynamed Plus  (

This is a Tier 1 for medical point of care resources.


7. Campus Updates

UCB: Two AUL positions will be posted soon. Brian Quigley will be chairing one of these recruitments.


UCD: Two positions are open.

The campus has let go of their Endnote citation management site license.

An ORCID pilot is underway. Institutional membership allows for records to be pushed onto faculty profiles.

Cory will be presenting a workshop in Montreal.

PSE is working to chart a path forward with the loss of space.

UCD is looking into Access Engineering. Berkeley is currently piloting this product.


UCI: Anyone with new colleagues should send that information to Julia to be added to UCSEL.

Undergoing print serial and monograph reviews.

There is a proposal to take over the fifth floor of the science library to create classroom space and space for units that partner with the library.


UCLA: UCLA underwent a serial review and several things were cut.

Tony used a python script that looks for OA versions of ISSNs. Using this he has identified another potential cut.

Downsizing print collection and creating additional study space.

Recruiting for two positions, they should be posted soon.


UCSD: Flat budgetary situation.

Reviewing local serials throughout the year.

Two positions are being interviewed for.


UCSF: Undergoing reorganization.

Sarah is now the Head of Collection Development at UCSF and overseeing ILL in January.

UCSF will be recruiting for two positions. One in finance and the other is an AUL position.

After reviewing journal usage UCSF will be cutting all but ten print subscriptions.


UCSC: The Chancellor is retiring after more than a decade.

Continuing with the cancellation project. Faculty have been invited to comment on all local subscriptions.

There have been rumors of a reorganization.

There will be a STEM Scholars Hub in the library, focusing on undergraduate students.


UCSB: UCSB is moving out of their local annex. Materials will either be discarded or moved.


Next meeting: Early December, first two weeks. Cory will send something out.





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