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Note taker: San Francisco

Present: Brian Quigley (co-chair - UCB), Lisa Ngo (UCB), Kortney Rupp (UCB), Anna Sackmann (UCB), Sam Teplitzky (UCB), Cory Craig (co-chair - UCD), Julia Gelfand (UCI), Nicole Helregel (UCI), Hector Perez-Gilbe (UCI), Tony Aponte (UCLA), Michele Potter (UCR), Ying Shen (UCR), Dave Schmitt (UCSD), Deborah Kegel (UCSD), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Sarah McClung (note taker - UCSF), Andrea Duda (UCSB), Christy Caldwell (UCSC)

    1. Roll call

    2. New & continuing resources

      1. CRCnetBASE & new Taylor & Francis interface: (D. Johnson)

        1. redirects in place from CRC to T&F, no title lists posted anymore- Deborah Kegel asking rep

        2. Action items: Brian Quigley will look into SCP sending out an updated record for CRCnetBASE with updated URLs and changing default search so it only shows results from subscribed content

      2. Treatise on Geochemistry (S. Teplitzky)

        1. Elsevier Major Reference Work Tier 2, now on to 2nd edition. Berkeley has paid more as a subscription now than if they paid outright, looking to get out of Tier 2, but Elsevier wants them to pay more to get out of sub. SD, Irvine, and others don't have access to 2nd edition - should have been upgraded automatically to next edition since it's a subscription.

        2. Action items: Brian Quigley and Sam will look at possibility of ending Tier 2 (perpetual access for both eds instead of sub), contact Elsevier and CDL about access to 2nd edition and renewal.

      3. 1Science (Tony Aponte)

        1. CEO doesn't think Web of Science is robust enough, corpus of 1Science is larger and have more liberal criteria for inclusion

        2. WoS and Impact Story collaboration- based on DOI, 1Science goes beyond DOI and cross reference

        3. in 2 years they're expecting citation metrics to be as good as Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus, etc.

        4. Action item: Tony Aponte will do more investigation (possibly with scholarly communications CKG) and set up webinar for those interested in learning more

      4. New interfaces for Elsevier products (Compendex, Reaxys, Knovel) - any comments?

        1. Many of the changes were cosmetic; largely positive comments about ease of use, some criticisms; generally people still need to explore the new interfaces more

      5. Other resources?

        1. SciFindern - Teri Vogel not aware of any other academic institutions who have signed on, will be meeting reps again at conference soon. License through 2019, waiting until renewal gets closer. No more enhancements to platform we have now.

        2. Safari- Julia Gelfand, Jim Dooley, and Tony met with rep at Charleston. Next renewal in 2019, we will have to subscribe to whole collection and not just O'Reilly. Will have a lot of videos and tutorials. Price will increase significantly - at a time when many campuses need to cut costs -  but we would be getting more content. Individual ebooks will be available through EBSCOhost and Proquest, but they will not be DRM free as they are through Safari subscription package.  When the list of new content is available, Julia will distribute with the proposed costs and an opportunity to run a trial in early 2018.

    3. UC Systemwide ILS investigation (C. Craig)

      1. Announcement:

      2. SC looking for new ILS, SD just picked Sierra and EBSCO EDS, SF has Millennium and waiting for direction from working group, Irvine on Ex Libris, Berkeley on Millennium and looking into Sierra, Davis is using ExLibris (ALMA  for backend, PRIMO for user interface)

      3. discussion about Browzine as discovery layer - mostly a journal browsing and alerting service

    4. Charleston Conference updates

      1. Attendees share 1-3 interesting things they learned or presented at the conference

      2. Sarah- summary of her presentation Communicating Collections to Stakeholders: The Good, the Bad & the Spreadsheets

      3. Julia- summary of her presentations  A Primer in Science and Engineering Collection Development and All About Predatory Publishing: Need for Librarians & Publishers to Better Inform Authors

        1. themes/topics she found interesting: open textbooks, streaming media, export control, the role of print

      4. Tony- PrePrints, IRs & the Version of Record, A Simpler Path to Public Access Compliance

    5. Request from Hector for us to send him the names of data specialists

Next Meeting: Feb 22, 2018

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