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Note taker: Irvine


Brian Quigley (chair - UCB), Anna Sackmann (UCB), Sam Teplitzky (UCB), Elliott Smith (UCB), Cory Craig (UCD), Julia Gelfand (note taker - UCI), Mitchell Brown (UCI), Nicole Helregel (UCI), Tony Aponte (UCLA), Liz Cheney (UCLA), Michele Potter (UCR), Dave Schmitt (UCSD), Deborah Kegel (UCSD), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Sarah McClung (UCSF), Andrea Duda (UCSB), Chuck Huber (UCSB), Christy Caldwell (UCSC)

  1. Roll call

  2. Collaborative writing & citation tools survey results (Brian Quigley)

    Brief survey results were shared. The librarians surveyed Berkeley graduate students in geography, engineering, and the physical sciences about their preferred collaborative writing and citation management tools in order to determine where to focus support. In addition to the strong use of citation management tools, there was strong use of LaTeX in these disciplines. Lessons learned included that librarians want to develop more instruction and support for Overleaf, ShareLaTeX, and Mendeley. Institutional licenses are under consideration.

  3. Evolving liaison roles – 5 short introductions to campus activities

    1. Christy Caldwell (UCSC) - Instruction about the scholarly information landscape. Christy shared a presentation she delivered at a recent conference in Iceland about how UCSC is rolling out information & conducting instruction about scholarly communication, ORCID, OA, data management, DOIs, etc. Mentioned the instruction hub and how librarians are adding a module about this content in instruction sessions. She distributed some resources and links.

    2. Cory Craig (UCD) - ORCID outreach. Cory shared how she & her colleagues are introducing ORCID on campus through instruction and programs about scholarly communication and the academic publishing landscape. Recent talks/slides (including one used to present to chem faculty, & easily adapted for other disciplines) are given here:

    3. Julia Gelfand (UCI) - Computer games & gaming. Julia reviewed how the library has responded to the relatively new BS degree in computer games & gaming & what current challenges there are for collection development: interdisciplinary coverage; expensive business resources & marketing reports; storytelling & thematics; programming 7 coding; ergonomics & ethnographic content; digital entertainment, edutainment; different applications; game history. Julia also talked about the eSports emphasis on campus. Generated questions about how other campuses are collecting games/consoles and responding to this academic direction. UCLA shared how it has a LibGuide on Video Games (; and UCSC shared how they have a Game Lab (need more space for VR needs) & a gift of Japanese Games and are working with the new Department of Computational Media and other units involved in research and design of computer games. Also exploring working with corporate sponsors such as SONY and seeking future funding from IMLS to develop game discovery tools and unique citations for games.

    4. Anna Sackmann (UCB) - LaTeX consulting. Anna discussed how she is becoming a campus resource for students working in LaTeX. She has been contacted by some campus units that were not expected such as Disability Services seeking screen reading support.

    5. Sam Teplitzky (UCB) - Digital globe for teaching, research and outreach. This topic generated lots of interest. Sam shared how Berkeley invested in the digital globe and plans to use it for instruction beyond the original interest in geography and earth & planetary science. They are surveying departments about use, integrating it into in research, and interest in demonstrating at public events. (

    6. Q&A and open discussion of other new liaison roles – would like to continue this format of information sharing.

  4. New & continuing resources

    1. Springer Nano – costly product – not sure if highest priority and how different it is from Springer Materials.
      ACTION ITEM: Brian will share our concerns with Wendy at CDL and ask whether a trial for all campuses is possible.

    2. IOP ebooks release 4 – Sam will investigate if some campuses can pay this FY and others next FY. Seems to be genuine interest.

    3. AIAA poll – based on results so far, it is unlikely to be a Tier 2 because of the great variation among campus interests in titles.
      ACTION ITEM: If you have not already, please complete the poll for your campus, and Brian will report back the final results.

    4. Lyell poll – Tony said that there is interest at 3 campuses but price is a determining factor. There would need to be at least 4 campuses for this to become a Tier 2.
      ACTION ITEM: If you have not already, let Tony know if you are interested in a Tier 2.

    5. Other resources & announcements
      • SciFinder Add-ons? Chuck raised this issue. Teri reminded everyone that we need 6 campuses for CDL to get involved; if a campus is interested in a one-time purchase of Chem Zent, they can reach out to the SciFinder rep directly.
      • Several Proquest databases are transitioning to new titles – Julia is investigating with CDL about next steps.
      • CDL title voting - we discussed the need to be able to keep track of new and transfer titles of interest throughout the year so we can reply to calls about interest.
        ACTION ITEM: Brian will create a Google spreadsheet where PSE selectors can enter new and transfer titles and campuses can record their interest.

Next Meeting: 2/23 9:30-11 or 2/27 9:30-11 or 2/27 2:30-4
ACTION ITEM: Mark your calendars and let Brian know if you have conflicts with these times.

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