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Note taker: Riverside




Brian Quigley


Lisa Ngo


Anna Sackmann


Sam Teplitzky


Elliott Smith (interim)


Cory Craig


Jennifer Harbster


Julia Gelfand


Nicole Helregel


Hector Perez-Gilbe


Tony Aponte


Liz Cheney


Michele Potter


Kat Koziar


Ying Shen


Deborah Kegel


Teri Vogel


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Discussion items





Roll call and wiki update


  • Action item: Brian will send an email asking PSE CKG members to check their wiki access.

New & continuing resources

  • Springer Nature (Brian). Access is on. When do we want to have the Nano trial? Summer would be best. It is likely very expensive so we will promote the trial to library staff only.

    • Action item:  Brian (UCB) will coordinate with CDL.

  • IEEE SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal (Brian). 3 campuses have expressed interest.  Will be an assisted Tier 3.

    • Action item: Brian (UCB) will coordinate with IEEE, CDL, and the participating campuses. 

  • Proquest Environmental Database (Julia). 5 campuses will have UC-eLinks, and will go through shared cataloging. 20 percent of database is full-text at this point.

  • NTRL (Lisa). NTRL has discontinued its premium institutional access and digital on demand service. Tier 2 participants will not be billed for this year and may see a credit.

    • With the discontinuation of the NTRL digital-on-demand service, campuses might consider contacting the California State Library for access to NTIS reports. The CSL offers free scanning services for shorter reports owned in paper or fiche in their collection, including uncataloged fiche of the PB and AD series from NTIS, among others. More information can be found on their site here. Requests can be submitted using their Ask Government Publications a Question form or emailing

  • ASME Digital Standards (Brian). UCB is subscribing to the ASME Digital Standards this year as a pilot and will be sharing comments with the publisher about the interface.

  • Cambridge E-Books. Shared print copies for NRLF and Irvine are still in process.

Key Issues for Vendors


  • CDL presented its annual Key Issues for Vendors webinar last week. Brian reviewed some of the highlights from the webinar and key issues document including budget, open access, and the revised CDL model license (which strengthens language around text and data mining and accessibility requirements).

  • It would be good if CDL checked with campuses about interest in new products from vendors that are being negotiated. 

    • Campuses that are considering Tier 3 licenses for products from CDL publishers should send a note to list to assess interest so we can proactively let CDL know if there is widespread interest.

Collaborative Citation and Writing Tools


  • Mendeley, Overleaf, ShareLaTeX (Brian/Anna). UCB chose to license the premium versions of these tools as a 3-year pilot based on a survey of graduate student in engineering and the physical sciences. Mendeley is a citation manager, Overleaf and ShareLaTex are online collaborative LaTeX editors (Iike Google Docs for LaTeX). All three use the freemium model - anyone can sign up for basic accounts; the premium versions offer features such as more storage, more private groups, more collaborators, and track changes.

    • Evolving support - Have an extensive Mendeley guide and a basic Writing + Citing in the Sciences guide about the pilot.

    • Workshop series - Introduction to LaTeX using Overleaf. Registration high, attendance not as good. Fall semester will be targeted to undergrads.

    • Overleaf and ShareLaTex have been effective tools for library staff to learn LaTeX more easily.

  • Authorea (Tony)

    • UCLA chose to do a 1 year pilot of Authorea with a limited number of seats. The founder is a UCLA alum.

    • Workshops - 5 people (excluding library staff) came to 2 workshops: Social sciences and humanities - 1, Sciences - 4

    • UCLA content has grown from 19 private articles to 63 private articles in first 8 months of pilot.

    • Supplementary data can also be uploaded for data management purposes.

  • Is there a Library role for licensing or supporting such tools?

    • What do campuses buy or support?

      • Other campuses are focusing on EndNote, but site licensing is very expensive.  Why Mendeley?

      • UCB still supporting EndNote, but Mendeley more popular with engineering and physical sciences.  

      • UCR licensed PaperPile for Google Docs users.  Wasn't too expensive.

    • Needs are different and people will select from many tools - how can we support that?

    • Curated videos on all of these tools? Where to put them? YouTube Playlist? CDL Instructional Materials Site? Possibly put curated YouTube list on CDL Instructional Materials Site.

Action Item: Cory (UCD)  will work on a curated playlist for one tool as a proof of concept. Linda (UCI) volunteered to work with her on it. Send Cory an email if you want to help.

Wrap-up and announcements


  • Next meeting in August. Brian (UCB) and Cory (UCD) will be co-chairs.

  • UCLA has appointed a new director for Biomedical Library and Science and Engineering Library: Rikke Ogawa.

  • UCD - Retirements: Myra Appel, Adele Dobry, others. Hiring two AULs. Interviews for Director of Biomedical Library soon.

  • UCB - New Chemistry Librarian will start on June 7th.

  • UCI - Julia is concerned with budget prospects for next year and the implications for new products. She thinks we can leverage more and share more.

Potential Future Topics

  • OA policy statistics & success stories
  • Discovery tools

Next Meeting: August 2017 TBD



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