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Note taker: Berkeley


Brian Quigley (chair - UCB), Lisa Ngo (note taker - UCB), Susan Powell (UCB), Sam Teplitzky (UCB), Anna Sackmann (UCB), Cory Craig (UCD), Jennifer Harbster(UCD), Melinda Livas (UCD), Julia Gelfand (UCI), Tony Aponte (UCLA), Liz Cheney (UCLA), Jim Dooley (UCM), Kat Kozier (UCR), Ying Shen (UCR), Dave Schmitt (UCSD), Deborah Kegel (UCSD), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Sarah McClung (UCSF), Andrea Duda (UCSB) Chuck Huber (UCSB), Christy Caldwell (UCSC)


  1. Roll call & note taking

    1. Reminder: Responsibility for taking minutes at these meetings will rotate alphabetically through the campuses

    2. Reminder: Notes will be on a public website so include only key points, decisions, and action items and exclude details about confidential negotiations

  2. Logistics & housekeeping

    1. Conference call schedule - May, August, November, February?

      1. ACTION ITEM: Brian will schedule quarterly meetings with flexibility to accommodate for vacations, etc.

    2. Wiki:

      1. Roster on the wiki will be the most up-to-date. Campuses should let Brian know if there are any new staff changes to the CKG.

      2. Reminder that it is a publicly viewable website

      3. UCSEL listserv will continue to be used for communications between members of UCSEL. Campuses should let Julia know if there are new staff changes for UCSEL list updates.

      4. ACTION ITEM: Brian will set up edit privileges on the wiki for all PSE CKG members

    3. Confidential documents and collaborative workspace

      1. ACTION ITEM: Brian will investigate establishing a secure section in the wiki for documentation

      2. ACTION ITEM: Deborah will send Brian historical documents (PSE decisions, wish lists, etc.) to upload to the wiki

      3. ACTION ITEM: Campuses with more than one CKG member will identify a representative as point person for campus decisions/follow-ups and notify Brian

      4. ACTION ITEM: Brian will work with Holly (CDL) to identify resources that lack liaisons; PSE CKG will work amongst ourselves to find liaisons for those resources

  3. ENGnetBASE update & discussion

    1. Campuses are interested in continuing the ENGnetBASE DDA pilot and would like to investigate the possibility of extending the records exposure period in the catalog to 18-24 months in order to maximize discoverability

    2. ACTION ITEM: Deborah will work with Wendy (CDL) and Evelyn (CRC) to get a price quote for 2016 and move forward with negotiations

    3. ACTION ITEM: Deborah will send out a call on the UCSEL listserv for volunteers for a group to review and select titles for participating campuses (currently titles from DDA pilot are reviewed and selected by Deborah and Michele)

  4. SCP monograph cataloging (10 minutes)

    1. How to best monitor monograph cataloging - especially for Tier 2s - so we can report if a package has not been cataloged in a while?

    2. CDL E-Resources Tracking list:

    3. ACTION ITEM: Brian will work with SCP/Wendy/Holly on increasing the frequency of list updates on E-Resources Tracking page. Resource liaisons are encouraged to monitor cataloging of their packages to ensure cataloging stays up to date.

  5. New & continuing resources

    1. Recent campus purchases or new product launches of interest?

      1. Brian has asked that MathSciNet be turned on in all campus instances of EBSCOHost and will include the usage statistics in his yearly update

      2. CAS will be introducing “ChemZent,” the English-language version of Chemisches Zentralblatt, to SciFinder. It is unclear what the pricing model and rollout timeline will be.  

  6. Campus round robin announcements

Potential Future Topics

  • 3D printing services and makerspaces

  • Evolving liaison roles

  • OA policy statistics & success stories

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