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Note-taker: Santa Cruz

Present: Brian Quigley (co-chair - UCB); Lisa Ngo (UCB); Kortney Rupp (UCB); Anna Sackmann (UCB); Sam Tepitzky (UCB); Cory Craig (co-chair - UCD); Melinda Livas (UCD); Julia Gelfand (UCI); Nicole Helregel (UCI); Hector Perez-Gilbe (UCI); Tony Aponte (UCLA); Deborah Kegel (UCSD); Sarah McClung (UCSF); Christy Hightower (note taker - UCSC)

  1. Roll call  (please mark your attendance with an X in the roll call spreadsheet)
    1. CKG Business:  Chairs change 7/1.  Tremendous thanks to Brian for his work as chair, and getting the CKG started.
    2. As of 7/1: Brian (B) will roll off.  Cory (D) serves 2nd year as co-chair.  Irvine will need to select someone for a 2 year term.  
    3. From our charter:  "The Co-Chairs will serve staggered two-year terms with appointments rotating alphabetically through the ... campuses ... In practice, each Co-Chair will serve as chair-elect in the first year of their term and chair in their second year."

  2. Journal/Database Cancellation Project
    1. Database Review Task Force:  Update from (T. Aponte)
      1. Report emailed to PSE CKG during meeting.
      2. Ergonomics Abstracts and Inspec suggested for possible cancellation.
      3. What SCLG will do partially depends on when databases are up for renewal.
      4. Deborah: We probably need to start strategizing for a Tier 2 INSPEC since it’s unlikely all campuses will participate in the next renewal. Switching platforms may have an extra upload fee. Should have received an email about INSPEC analytics, including a powerpoint from John.
    2. Share cancellation approaches: criteria for cancellation, public relations, etc.
      1. UCB: libguide about cancellations Feb-April. Final cancellations are up as of yesterday. Duplications, low use and high cost per use, open access. Seven or 8 titles we had suggested taking off the list based on feedback.
      2. UCD: internal spread
      3. UCI: watching other campuses and creating a communication strategy. Reviewing books for deselection and what that criteria will be. Will be a major weed.
    3. UCSC LibGuide Serial Cancellations:

  3. UCSD licensing of Dimensions  (someone from SD? - Mary Linn)
    1. 2 minute video:
    2. Info:       
    3. We will be collecting data on how it’s used.
    4. UCI also has Dimensions (licensed through the Office of Research, not the library).
    5. While it’s mostly useful for finding grant collaborators, part of its marketing is as an A&I database (and patent search), and concerns were expressed that faculty could think it is more robust for that than it is.
    6. Lens is an open access alternative to WoS/Scopus/Dimensions. They do track funding information, but don’t have the altmetrics.

  4. Google Scholar Feature:  Quickly flip through papers on your phone  (T. Aponte)
    1. Check out the Google Scholar Blog:
    2. Specifically:
    3. SPIE working with Google Scholar to be compatible with Quick Abstracts.
    4. Also:  “Classic papers” search, Scholar Metrics, new alerting option.
    5. “next gen” link resolvers:, for authentication.

  5. SLA Update: Clarivate is going to refer themselves to ISI now, while we’re still getting used to WoS not being Thompson Reuters. Browzine is dependent on DOI articles, so only those pubs with DOI’s are covered.

  6. Treatise on Geochemistry:  update on closing out Tier 2 subscription  (S. Teplitzky)
    1. Elsevier marked us as paid for 2018, but we hadn’t paid. We need to pay one more year. But the credit structure sent out is still valid. Campuses that purchased 2nd ed will be reimbursed.
    2. ACTION: Please check access to 2nd edition. (except for UCSF, UCSB, UCR that did not subscribe to this Tier 2.)

  7. Campus updates
    • UCB: 18 people retiring, including 7 librarians. None of them in PSE currently, but Jean McKenzie is among the retirees.
    • UCI: Exploring how to achieve major deselection project. Switching to PRIMO.
    • UCLA: Just starting to collect data to see how to reduce serials and books. Liz Cheney is leaving UCLA.
    • UCSF: Julia Kochi is retiring this month.
    • UCSB: Finished interviewing for Biological, Psychological and Brain Sciences position, doing reviews to clear out a local storage annex
    • UCSC: Switching to Alma/Primo June 20th. Continuing with cancellation project; refining communication to faculty (and got access to the senate listserv!)

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