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Note taker: Los Angeles


Brian Quigley (chair - UCB), Lisa Ngo (UCB), Susan Powell (UCB), Anna Sackmann (UCB), Sam Teplitzky (UCB), Jean McKenzie (UCB), Cory Craig (UCD), Melinda Livas (UCD), Julia Gelfand (UCI), Hector Perez-Gilbe (UCI), Tony Aponte (note taker - UCLA), Michele Potter (UCR), Kat Koziar (UCR), Ying Shen (UCR), Dave Schmitt (UCSD), Deborah Kegel (UCSD), Sarah McClung (UCSF), Andrea Duda (UCSB), Christy Caldwell (UCSC), Deanna Johnson (guest - UCD)

  1. Roll call
  2. New & continuing resources
    1. CRCnetBASE
      Option A - STMnetBASE. Pretty reasonable deal this time - difficulty would be figuring out who pays what. HLS CKG will have to discuss too. If we proceed, we would want CDL to negotiate a cap for future years. For the usage statistics, campuses may see usage in netBASEs they did not purchase because of duplication with ones that they did. There was support from most campuses for investigating this further and seeing potential shares.

      Option B - status quo but at higher costs.

      Action Item: Deanna will share summary of campus usage statistics
      Action Item: Brian will develop cost shares and share with PSE.

    2. IOP ebooks release 4
      Can pay this FY or next. Problematic to be asked to buy books before seeing title lists or confirming they deliver all expected titles, but this happens with many publishers. There is also a difference between packages like IOP and ACM where you are buying a collection with x titles vs a larger publisher that is estimating the number of titles for the year. Do they expect release 4 to be released over one year or two years?

      SCP has cataloging frequency noted in the E-Resources Tracking page, but they do not seem to meet these goals for many ebook packages, and the cataloging lag is affecting usage. PSE CKG needs to discuss this further.

      Action Item: Sam will check on the expected timeline for IOP release 4.
      Action Item: Brian will add SCP discussion to the agenda for our next call.

    3. Other resources?

      IEEE - Brian will be sending out the quotes for IBM journal renewal, MIT Press eBook Library - 2017 frontlist, and SMPTE journal & conferences. There was little interest in the SMPTE offer last year.

      JoVE - Julia mentioned a JoVE Unlimited proposal that went to CDL, but few had heard about it. There was interest in JoVE expressed in previous surveys, and the proposal should be coming to JSC for discussion in the future.

      ARM Education - Tony asked if anyone had heard of ARM Education? The offer engineering online modules/videos and asked UCLA to schedule a call to discuss. No one else has heard of them.
  3. UCSC weeding project
    The weeding project happened in the Science & Engineering Library last summer, and last time it was on the PSE agenda, there had not been much campus response. However, complaints have been coming in. There was a Mercury News editorial written by a professor and a letter written by an Emeritus faculty and signed by a number of science faculty. It was the agenda item of a senate meeting late last year.

    We have a great deal of lessons learned and recommendations for our colleagues. Among them:
    -Get support from campus leadership. Make sure they understand the project.
    -Request feedback from faculty on what consultation looks like for a weeding project. Otherwise, you will be accused of not doing something you didn't know you were supposed to do.
    -Expect emotional/nostalgic responses; complaints often not based in actual resource need.
    -Assume no one is listening. Confirm communications in writing.

    One theme that came through the conflict is that faculty do not understand what libraries do. We are planning some events so we can talk about libraries both digital and physical. Other campuses confirmed that faculty seem unfamiliar with our expertise, it can be difficult to get feedback from faculty, and continued purchasing of print means some print needs to leave the libraries. All campuses are wary of backlash and grateful to UCSC for sharing lessons learned from their experience.

    Christy shared the UCSC library's libguide tab about the weeding project:

    Please contact her if you'd like more detailed information.

  4. STEM instruction success stories
    Cory, UCD. College of Engineering in response to feedback from students created a hands-on class where library did one session - freshman or lower division class? They are scaling it up and library will see 600 students a year. They asked library to participate. Library portion - basic instruction on how to find stuff for an assignment. Interesting stuff is new room and hands-on activities.

    Julia, UCI - they have a similar engineering class early in the program, but no library part, though Julia has asked for one. There is interest in hearing more about how this class went in future.

    Lisa & Anna, UCB - working with Masters of Engineering (M.Eng) program who have an assignment to develop a business plan. Library component - 2 drop in workshops: 1) patent searching and 2) specific engineering resources and business resources. Both heavily attended, 30 for each, and has to schedule an overflow session that was also full. Good feedback from students, many straight from undergrad, this was really needed, they needed basics more than expected. They came from all sorts of different backgrounds. Info was tied in with weekly assignments. Want to continue to grow relationship with this program - program has been doubling in size. There is need for library requirements for undergrads, same instructor working on that undergrad initiative as master’s program.

    Melinda, UCD - preparing for an upcoming session with a Transportation studies class.

    This could be a continuing topic for future meetings - how classes go, what we’ve tried in instruction.
  5. Campus announcements

    Thanks to Jean for joining the Shared Print Strategy Team and representing the sciences.

    UCB - new chemistry librarian coming in June.

    Julia was at AAAS and our rep told her that only Berkeley is getting new Science titles - robotics and immunology. Timing could have been off between survey of interest and getting turnaway data. Campuses go forward on own or is CDL working on this? These are major titles with broad interest.

    Action item: Sarah agreed to ask CDL about status of consortial deal for new Science titles because many campuses interested in these new titles. Note: after meeting, it was determined that campuses should let Adriana know if they want to subscribe to either title.

Potential Future Topics

  • OA policy statistics & success stories
  • Support for collaborative citation & writing tools such as Authorea, Mendeley, Overleaf & ShareLaTeX
  • 3D printing & makerspaces
  • Discovery tools

Next Meeting: May 2017 TBD


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