Note taker: Santa Barbara

Present: Brian Quigley (co-chair - UCB); Lisa Ngo (UCB); Kortney Rupp (UCB); Anna Sackmann (UCB); Sam Tepitzky (UCB); Cory Craig (co-chair - UCD); Melinda Livas (UCD); Julia Gelfand (UCI); Nicole Helregel (UCI); Hector Perez-Gilbe (UCI); Tony Aponte (UCLA); Jim Dooley (UCM); Dave Schmitt (UCSD); Deborah Kegel (UCSD); Teri Vogel (UCSD); Mary Linn Bergstrom (UCSD); Sarah McClung (UCSF); Andrea Duda (note taker - UCSB); Christy Caldwell (UCSC); Christy Hightower (UCSC)

    1. Roll call

    2. Database Review Task Force (T. Aponte)
      The task force is charged with reducing the overall spend on databases. Tony Aponte is the PSE rep to the group. There will be an e-mail sent next week with the task force charge, databases they’ve identified for review, and an instrument to rank the databases; responses will be due March 29. The databases identified for PSE to review are Inspec, GeoRef, Earthquake Engineering Abstracts, and Science of Synthesis. There were comments that if these become Tier 2 there are possibilities of going with other vendors such as STN or reducing seats.

    3. Tier 2 & assisted Tier 3 procedures review (B. Quigley)
      See Tier 2 License: Step by Step

      If a campus is considering a new database, send a message to UCSEL to see if there is additional interest. If four or more campuses are interested this is a possible Tier 2. Notify Mihoko Hosoi at CDL that there is a potential Tier 2. Negotiate with the vendor then send details, including cost, either to UCSEL or to the campuses who have expressed an interest. Develop a cost-share model (most often either equal shares, large/medium/small tiers, or FTE model). Get approval from your campus SCLG member who will then send the proposal to SCLG for approval. Campus licensing staff handles the license negotiations then sends the completed license to Mihoko and CDL Acquisitions to handle invoices and payments. The coordinator needs to be diligent about following up with SCP (especially for e-book packages to make sure they are cataloged in a timely way).

      Renewals: The Tier 2 coordinator is also responsible for monitoring renewals. They need to confirm each year that campuses want to renew. Standard renewals do not require SCLG approval unless there are significant changes in pricing, content, or business terms.

      Assisted Tier 3 Licenses: See
      These are local campus subscriptions that are added as amendments to CDL licenses. They retain the same rights and restrictions as the Tier 1 license.

    4. New & continuing resources

      1. Safari (J. Gelfand)
        Safari is currently a Tier 1 with O’Reilly books only. Safari has other publishers available and is expanding their holdings, including video. They will no longer offer the O’Reilly subset of the package, but an all-or-nothing model. The larger package includes substantial amounts of content we have from other packages such as Elsevier, CRC, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley. Julia Gelfand is pursuing negotiations and will forward details to the UCSEL list.

      2. CRCnetBASE (B. Quigley)
        We signed a three-year deal for STMnetBASE last year so we are set for 2018 and 2019. With the transition to Taylor & Francis eBook platform we lost NetBASE branding (e.g., MathNetBASE). There are plans to recreate those collections but it’s still probably a few months away. There was discussion about whether searching could be limited to our content only. If the default search is changed to show only what we own, then we lose the option to search everything. On the other hand, when the default search is everything, we get an option in the search results to filter to content we own. There was a question about searching chapters rather than complete books. See

      3. Nature titles
        There wasn’t enough interest to license the new Nature titles systemwide so they have to be subscribed locally (probably as an assisted tier 3 to get the CDL discount).

      4. Materials Science & Engineering Database

        Note that Earthquake Engineering Abstracts is part of this database and can be searched separately at

Next Meeting: May 31, 2018

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