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Note-taker: Berkeley

Present: Brian Quigley (note-taker - UCB), Lisa Ngo (UCB), Sam Teplitzky (UCB), Cory Craig (co-chair - UCD), Julia Gelfand (co-chair - UCI), Jim Dooley (UCM), Michele Potter (UCR), Dave Schmitt (UCSD), Deborah Kegel (UCSD), Sarah McClung (UCSF), Andrea Duda (UCSB), Christy Caldwell (UCSC), Christy Hightower (UCSC)

  1. Roll call

  2. Journal Negotiations:

    1. Elsevier: Open letter(s) to faculty/campus, open meetings? Any news/updates?

      1. UCD - an open letter was sent by the UL

      2. UCSD - had a meeting about preparing a statement in case we lose access

      3. UCSF - held a town hall on Monday organized via the Faculty Senate; faculty overall seem supportive

      4. UCB - held a town hall early in the process; staff update yesterday - talked about Communication Officers working on a systemwide message and website where we can direct people for more information if we lose access

      5. UCSC - had some meetings with different groups, visited the Graduate Student Association last week, planning to send an email reminding faculty that there may be delayed access to new Elsevier content after Jan 1

    2. Mary Ann Liebert Renewal:

      1. Votes came in from all campuses but there was no consensus on new titles to add so the title list will remain the same; Dave and Stacy at UCSD may be able to help with local addenda if campuses want to license titles locally

    3. Other Journals Negotiations/Renewals?

      1. Knovel - discussions continue; some campuses may be interested in a multi-year contract but there is also concern about overlap with Elsevier ebooks

  3. New & Continuing Resources:

    1. INSPEC on EV: 3-year deal on Engineering Village; some campuses dropping out but will continue to have access to the purchased Inspec Archive; migrating to EV on Jan 1; PID will be updated so links should continue to work

    2. Dimensions, InCites, SciVal, other metrics, or ORCID (Institutional Membership): Do any campuses have/plan to develop outreach programs for these?

      1. UCD: pilot institutional membership to ORCID

      2. UCI: the Office of Institutional Research licensed Dimensions and SciVal; librarians have been trained in order to provide campus training; Clarivate is concerned about one-year license for Web of Science and InCites and are thinking of targeting campuses to promote and provide training

      3. There is also a Research Citation Databases Assessment Task Force evaluating and comparing Web of Science, Scopus, Dimensions, 1Science, and others. The group is chaired by Bob Heyer-Grey, and their report is due in Spring.

    3. Any additional topics/news?

      1. Bentham Science (Brian) - renewal moving forward, will be working on updating the license (from 2011) throughout the next few months

      2. Safari (Julia) - full product has a great deal of overlap with Elsevier and other ebook packages; usage statistics have been requested and will be shared when provided; have to start thinking seriously about Safari post-2019 - probably need to make our decisions by September

  4. JSC:  options for One-Time Expenditure for FY18/19  (from JSC Minutes 11/20/18)

    1. These options listed, JSC might do a survey.

      1. Using it for OA efforts

      2. Addressing space issues and enhancing digital access to our collections:

        1. Digitizing microform or buying digital replacements to microform

        2. Transitioning monographs to digital

      3. Purchasing shared-print if any - prospective monographic acquisition

      4. Purchasing archive/backfile content if any - strategic one-time purchases

      5. Helping with FTE transition

      6. Pre-paying invoices

    2. SCLG will be reviewing and prioritizing.

  5. SCP Quarterly Cataloging Priorities Report to JSC: January-March 2019

    1. Any additional OA Database & Title Cataloging to suggest?

      1. Deborah will be submitting some Korean OA titles for cataloging; no other comments on priorities

  6. SILS: any update or news?

    1. Prioritizing the RFP requirements

    2. Dave is on one of the groups - writing, refining, and getting feedback on requirements

    3. One of the big tasks moving forward will be the harmonization of campus processes

  7. Meeting schedule

    1. last Thursday of February, May, August, November from 1:30-3:00

    2. Cory will send out and ask if that still works for everyone

  8. Campus Updates

    • UCB: Kortney Rupp has left for a position at the LLNL Library; Sam Teplitzky is serving as interim chemistry selector; Sue Koskinen is retiring; Distinguished Librarian Awards were given to Beth Dupuis and Debbie Jan; posted two positions this week: Life & Health Science Division Head and Digital Literacies Librarian.

    • UCD: PSE Library is undergoing seismic retrofit and giving over top 2 floors for a Physics Department initiative; Scholarly Communications Officer position open; Head of Collections Strategies recruitment ongoing; Research Services Dept will be split and reorganized but discussions are ongoing

    • UCI: Math & Physics Librarian Nicole Helregel will be leaving at end of month; Julia will be interim selector and other responsibilities will be distributed; recruiting for a 2-year Entrepreneurship & Innovation Librarian; redoing a large lab in the library into an innovative classroom - an active teaching center

    • UCM - no open or new positions; campus is undertaking an integrated planning process

    • UCSD - recruiting for Life & Health Collections Strategist position; MIT Press ebooks have been cataloged - if ebooks cataloging is more than 3 months behind, report through CDL Helpline

    • UCSF - undergoing reorg due to retirements; new Director of Administration; posting for a new AUL focused on education; Sarah is now Head of Collection Development and will be supervising ILL in the new year; Anneliese is now Head of Scholarly Communications

    • UCSB - staffing changes but not in the sciences; received additional money to get new serials in the sciences this year - bought some JoVE titles and looking at other titles

    • UCSC - planning journal cancellation for upcoming year but campus has provided some funding so they won’t have to cut as deeply as they thought; recruiting Head of Metadata Services and Digital Scholarship Librarian

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