Note-taker: Davis

Present: Brian Quigley (UCB), Lisa Ngo (UCB), Sam Teplitzky (UCB), Cory Craig (co-chair-UCD), Melinda M. Livas (note-taker UCD), Julia Gelfand (UCI), Hector Perez-Gilbe (UCI), Tony Aponte (UCLA), Jim Dooley (UCM), Joe Ameen (UCM), Michele Potter (UCR), Dave Schmitt (UCSD), Deborah Kegel (UCSD), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Sarah McClung (UCSF, HLS CKG), Chuck Huber (UCSB)


1. Roll Call (please mark your attendance with an X in the roll call spreadsheet)

2. Journal Negotiations:

Elsevier:  Any tools, feedback, happenings/stories on campuses?

UCD- looking at RapidILL-- and have ramped up ILL hours and service to help if we lose access. CDL has entered into an agreement with ReprintsDesk to provide access, details yet to be worked-out.  Berkeley has a nice page about Elsevier other campuses might use for LibGuides & messaging.


3.  New & Continuing Resources:

WOS:  Making the rounds, anything to share?

WOS recently visited Davis.  UCLA cancelled the Global Health database on WOS platform, and moved it to CAB Direct platform. 


SILS:  Any updates?

Soliciting the request for proposals, with a short window.  Demos expected to occur in August.  Working on a demo script, what to cover.  Working groups also trying to spin up some pilots to show how harmonization would work.


MIT Press 2019 eBooks Frontlist:  do campuses want to purchase?

See Brian’s email of 3/26/19, subject: [UCSEL] IEEE – MIT Press 2019 ebooks via Xplore

In past, half of this collection was exclusive to IEEE Xplore, with recent launch of MIT Press Direct, that is no longer the case.  Campus’ that purchase MIT Press Direct do not need to purchase this via IEEE Xplore.  Brian needs decisions by May.


WorldCat Discovery Switchover Dates for UC’s

are listed here


UCLA Organic Syntheses (Tony]

Reviewed Wiley Online Library Organic Synthesis.  There is both an open access version:, and a paid subscription version:

The free open access version has everything, but is typically one volume behind. Two campuses subscribe to the paid version, wondering if this is an opportunity for UCLA and other campuses to cancel the Wiley subscription in favor of the OA version.


Cambridge University Press:

CDL has purchased the Cambridge Journal Archive backfiles.  Also: UC signed a Read & Publish OA agreement with CUP.

4.  Other topics

Researcher Profiling Systems:  any campuses looking at these?

Meetings ongoing at Davis and Berkeley. UCD did a one year institutional membership pilot with ORCiD and it will probably get extended another year. Berkeley’s research arm is looking into Research Profiling Systems through Clarivate.  WOS is looking to build up.  Clariviate/WOS trying to sell InCites.  InCites doesn’t replace Symplectic, is an enhancement to it.  ORCID institutional memberships were also discussed. Academic Senate might have concerns regarding Research Information Management Systems (RIMS).



Davis is doing a paid pilot.  Berkeley did this previously.  UCI is interested in the textbooks information and looking at OER.  Some discussion of Knovel followed: overlap with other products


Safari package

License expires in December of 2019.  Julia reports Safari rejected Julia’s offer. No discussion, take it or leave it.  Other options for accessing this content were discussed:  1) Overdrive:  offers the entire O’Reilly package, DRM free;  2) Skillsoft Books: can also supply this content, but the interface is less than ideal.  Michele reported issues with O’Reilly authentication, Julia reports this is fixed.  Julia also asked for a new list from Safari, but she never received it.  Lots of overlap with Elsevier, Springer, and CRC titles.


5. Campus Updates

Berkeley: has posted the Chemical & Sciences Librarian position

Davis:  currently conducting Ithaka surveys for both faculty/researchers and grad/professional students.  Davis did this in 2014 as well. Also recruiting for several positions: Head of Student Services and Head of Researcher Services, Head of Metadata Creation, and Health Library Informaticist.

Irvine: announced that they filled a two year position for an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Librarian to work with subject librarians across the campus and at the Applied Innovation Center.  Also involved with a major campus building project: the 5th floor of the science library is being renovated, space will be occupied by the Student Excellence Center. Collections will be relocated or deaccessioned.   

UCLA: just concluded a bunch of interviews. Two positions in the sciences and a new head of acquisitions and scholarly communications.

Merced:  There is a prospect of additional space in the library building when admin people leave in 2020. 

Riverside:  STEM Strategist position. Map collection has been lost to their med school. Most of their maps sent to Berkeley, in the process of minimizing impact.

UCSD: trying to hire for a life sciences librarian.  Quite a few people retiring at the end of the June. Interim for the collection development management program. Some uncertainty about how things are going to get moved around.  UCSD: Student groups with public interest research needs are looking for free physics books. This is mostly undergrad textbook issue. UCD noted OER resources are available in physics, chemistry and other areas from LibreTexts

UCI: just a reminder that there has been a delay in sending out the campus investments and re-charges. Recharges from January are just now being distributed after the processing delay and should be done by year-end closing.

UCSF:  Office of research just started a subscription to Dimensions, a Researcher Profiling System from Digital science

UCSB: has a few openings that are data related.  Expecting a small flurry of retirements.  In the early throes of a reorganization, very similar to Riverside.  Delayed because Library Administration was waiting to for the contract to settle.

UCSC: no updates


6. Dates for Next Conf Call:

Previously agreed to dates (06/20, 09/25):  June date may be problematic. 

Cory will poll the group for conf call dates in July that work.  Sept date is still good.


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