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- 1:00pm-2:30pm




Discussion items

  • Emily Atkinson, UC Davis
  • Misha Coleman, UC Berkeley

CKG Updates
  • JSC Survey - submitted Nature journals

UC Library Search/SILS UpdateTeri, Michele, Julia
  • AccessEngineering cataloging lags due to communication issues between McGraw-Hill and Ex Libris. Big update on 12/25 (#portfolios went from 870 to 922). Current title list per McGraw-Hill: 928. Will monitor updating going forward.   
  • CRC - maybe catching up? Some recent "netbase" collection titles showing up.
  • IEEE - Reconciliation for IEEE/IEL conference proceedings, etc.: It took a lot longer than we expected to reconcile IEEE/IEL collection(s). A SCP cataloger has started to catalog and replace CZ bib records for newly published conference proceedings for the main collection. 
    • 7,700 2022 proceedings in UCLS, but ~25,000 for 2020 and 2021 each
  • SIAM - nothing after 2014 activated. Following up with Sherry

STAR Team UpdateMichele
  • Received recent requests, submitted to SCLG to see if they want STAR to investigate. Nothing yet back on SciPost. Methodology for annual "closing the loop." Currently working on TheirStory (oral history platform).

SCLG UpdateBob, Jim, Dave

Vendor/Resource/Renewal  Updates All
  • Web of Science (Ruth)
    • Clarivate/WoS Preprint Citation Index UC libraries web session - Mar 3, 2023 03:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)  [90-minute session]
  • SciFinder (Teri)  
    • From Lisa on 2/15: CDL has a proposal in hand and is negotiating.
  • O'Reilly for Higher Education (Julia) - renewed
  • Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (Teri) - requested quote for June 2023/May 2024 renewal.
  • ACS In Focus ebooks (CDL on 1/5: We are working through several 2023 renewals – thanks for keeping this on the radar. I am consulting with Lisa Mackinder on this one and we will be in touch if we want you to reach out for a quote, etc.)
    • Are you holding or setting aside funds to purchase the next collection? Collection 2 (Apr to June 23 + single Dec 22 release) - 20 titles; Collection 3 (Jul 23 to Apr 24) - 20 titles. Initial collections - B, D, I, LA, SD
  • IOP ebooks (Sam, Brian) - 2023 collection - waiting for responses from UCI and UCR (as of 2/15).
  • ASCE (Julia) will send usage data. Last one from Julia.
  • Artech/IEEE (Brian) no quote/usage yet.

  • ACS - March 26-30 (Indianapolis/Virtual)
  • ACRL - March 15-18 (Pittsburgh/Virtual)
  • MLA/SLA - May 16-19 (Detroit/Virtual)

  • AI in instruction
  • What have been your most successful programs or ideas for doing faculty outreach?

  • Ebook usage decline
    • If usage continues to decline, are we reaching a tipping point where these Tier 2 packages aren't worth what we've been paying for?

Other Discussion Topics
  • Campus budgets?
  • Year-end spending plans, if any?
  • Resource Liaison Gaps
  • DEI
  • As you think ahead five years, what new tools or education do you think you will need? Where might you get it?

Campus Round RobinAll
  • Berkeley - Recruiting for (1) Head of the Life & Health Sciences Division and (2) Chemical & Physical Sciences Librarian; Library reviewing serials for an $850K serials budget reduction for next year – Engineering & Physical Sciences will likely need to cut close to 25% of serials budget; Engineering Library will close for 1.5 years starting in May while the College renovates and expands the Engineering Student Center; per library space proposal, Physics-Astronomy Library will likely merge into the Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library, and the Mathematics Statistics Library will likely merge into the Engineering Library; Elliott Smith, Emerging Technologies & Bioinformatics Librarian (and a former Interim Chemistry Librarian) was awarded the LAUC-B Distinguished Librarian Award in December.
  • Davis - Recruitments proceeding for open positions.
    • Diversity Resident for Metadata Creation: interview earlier this week;
    • AUL for Research & Learning, interviews scheduled later this month;
    • Researcher Services STEM Librarian for Engineering, Technology and Physical Sciences interviews scheduled in March;
    • Clinical Education & Research Librarian interview: ongoing;
    • UL & Vice-Provost, Digital Scholarship: campus listening sessions being held last 2 weeks. 
  • Irvine - Recruitment for two positions
  • UCLA
  • Merced-Recruitment for Head, Research & Learning Services.  Still dealing with effects of 13% collections budget cut in last FY.
  • Riverside - Director of Metadata Services interviewing today.  We have a new Collection Strategist. They will not be working in STEM, but hopefully I will be able to focus more on STEM soon. A few new end of year resources: Advances in Catalysis (subscription and complete backfile),  Standard methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater as a subscription. 
  • San Diego - Collection strategists are planning possible purchases with year end funds. Potential STEM purchases: AccessEngineering extension, AMS, Springer ebooks, and OSO titles through Jan 2024. Discretionary funding deadline for selectors is March 31. Recruiting for Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian, World History & Cultures Librarian. Arts/Humanities collection strategist at the phone screening stage.
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Barbara - Applications open for director of Collection Strategies Department. Strategic planning has moved into the implementation phase. Research & Engagement Department is firming up collection assignments. Chuck Huber will cover physical sciences & engineering; Kristen LaBonte will cover life and earth sciences; Tom Brittnacher will cover geography. One new STEM librarian is expected to be hired.
  • Santa Cruz

Action items

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