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- 10am-11:30am




Discussion items

  • Shelby Hallman, UCLA (intro)

Areas of Focus for 2022-2023
  • Resource liaison gaps.
  • Meeting with Data Curation CKG?
  • DEI?
  • ??????

UC Library Search UpdateTeri, Michele

Reviewed several ebook packages for level of current activations (See first tab)

  • IET ebooks - no lag, but one collection for 2021-2022 books in UCLS: IET 2021 Frontfile
  • IOP ebooks - maybe 2 months behind; 17 Sept-Nov titles not yet in the CZ
  • AIP ebooks - no lag, but Collection 2 (2022) wasn’t added to the CZ until September 7.
  • CRC ebooks - still nothing for the last few years of the CRCs except for local EBA records. Have recommended CZ collections for SCP to review (SCI_TECHnetBASE 2022 and STMnetBASE 2022) that we feel are good enough to use.
    • Getting CRC up to date is our main priority right now

STAR Team UpdateMichele?
  • Potential changes to process. Added question to initial request - any info they can include on how resource might impact DEI. Rest is back end/questionnaires and worksheets.

SCLG UpdateBob, Jim, Dave?
  • Waiting for CoUL on use of augmentation funds (not for individual products). How much of the funding will be under SCLG vs PTWG. Until then, holding pattern to determine systemwide purchases.

Vendor/Resource/Renewal  UpdatesAll
  • Cambridge Structural Database renewal (Teri)
    • Price increase + LBNL now charged separately
  • Thieme journal and Science of Synthesis Tier 1 renewals (Jason)
    • SoS - 3% increase. 4.9% for journals 
    • Will send SoS usage data
    • Questions about co-investment ratios/shares
  • Knovel - renewal and offer to create Tier 1 (Mitchell)
    • Tier 2 since 2006, sending proposal for Tier 1 if UCSC, UCD interested. Also getting quotes for current campuses. Tier 1 might be closer to 3.5%
    • Database or ebook collection - impact on how campuses pay
  • O'Reilly for Higher Education (Julia)
    • Content adding/removing - balancing out more than expected. Lots of questions about titles as textbooks. Processed efficiently by SCP. Questions about page-turning functionality. Want more case studies (3rd party package). 
  • CRC
    • CDL requested lots of data on usage, cataloging
  • ASCE (Julia)
    • 4 yr at 3% increase in 2023
  • ASME and SAE (Julia)

SciFinder updateTeri, Julia

New Rep - Edwin Robinson

  • Renewal expected to be very challenging, with rep reminding us that we've been underpaying greatly for SciFinder.
    • Julia spoke with him at Charleston Vendor Showcase
    • "Paying our fair share" - not something that can be fixed with a 10% increase
    • Teri has relayed our concerns to Roger Smith (our AUL/SCLG rep) over who is going to coordinate the renewal negotiations. 
  • Another internal reorg. He now oversees all academics in US.
  • CAS dropped the ball on the SciFinder classic retirement. Retiring on Dec 31/Jan 1 for ~200+ campuses, many on the west coast
  • Says they will send messages out to users before Dec 31. Teri requested that they change the SciFinder landing page to be clear that moving to SciFinder-n isn't a suggestion. But they're "still working on drafting the messaging."
  • Want to move us to their "Discovery Platform" with 2023 renewal, which is SciFinder-n + CAS Formulus + CAS Analytical Methods + ChemZent 
  • Still significant amount of SciFinder classic searching;

    SciFinder-n to SciFinder Classic searches for September 2022 



    San Diego3,7801,11577-23
    San Francisco2,1021,13865-35
    Santa Barbara3,2011,18573-27
    Santa Cruz27430547-53

  • Charleston in-person (Nov 1-4) - Julia
    • Staffing at CDL came up. Missing Adriana. Questions about where to send bills, etc.

Anything Else?All
  • Campus practices for 100% remote working/hiring.

Campus Round RobinAll
  • Berkeley - Misha Coleman joins us as STEM Librarian on Dec 1. Current recruitments include Business Resource Librarian, Head of Preservation, Politics & Social Policy Librarian, and Social & Cultural Studies Librarian. Library released its long-term space proposal to align operations with reduced staffing – both the Mathematics Statistics Library and Physics-Astronomy Library are proposed to close, and the Earth Sciences & Map Library to have reduced services. Library is preparing to undertake a strategic planning process next year, and we will also be conducting a serials review in the spring – engineering & physical sciences will be looking to cut about 25% of its serials budget. Hosted a very successful Maps & More pop-up exhibit on Ukraine last month.
  • Davis - Very happy to announce 2 new STEM librarians have started in Researcher Services: Beth Tweedy (Life Sciences)  and Emily Atkinson (Environmental Sciences & Agriculture). PSE position still open, new recruitment will be launched. Davis University Librarian & Vice Provost, Digital Scholarship MacKenzie Smith has announced her retirement in June 2023. A new UCD diversity resident position: two-year appointment focusing on metadata creation.  
  • Irvine - Irvine will be posting a position for Life Sciences and will be posting for a Health Sciences librarian.  Stephen Clancy (Health Sciences/Nursing) will be retiring in 2023.
  • UCLA
  • Merced-Recruiting for Head of Research & Learning Services.  Unclear if there will be restoration of all or part of the 13% collections cut sustained last year. 
  • Riverside - Lots of recruitment, but nothing specifically science right now.  Working on reviewing science related government documents to try to make space for students and services.  MP is taking on Business and Education (temporarily?) so scrambling a bit. 
  • San Diego - Reviewing applicants for LHS Collections Strategist. Upcoming recruitments for World History & Cultures librarian (retired) and Arts/Humanities Collections Strategist (now Content Acquisitions & Resource Sharing program director). Budget steady, but adjusting to other financial system changes, including more pressure from campus to not have encumbrances carry over into next FY. Overhauled our fiscal calendar to adjust; final Gobi selections due at end of March to give collection strategists time to spend down the rest. Resumed lost/missing searching and replacement (except textbooks), and starting to look at the data from our RFID gates.
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Barbara - We currently have openings for Earth & Environmental Science Research Facilitator, Assistant Director of ReADS, Director of Special Collections, Open Access Collection Strategist, and Director of Collection Strategies. We are in the midst of a strategic planning process that will run through April.
  • Santa Cruz - We will have five librarian recruitments this year, and first up is the University Archivist position.

Action items

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