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Notetaker - Michele


Discussion items

Announcements? New Members?All
Passing the Torch.
Teri and Andrea Duda co-chair for 2022-2023
STAR Team OutreachMichele
  • What is STAR Team
  • What reviews have we worked on Recently?
  • What might PSE CKG Do?

Great questions regarding DEI and OER - both of which are on the minds of STAR members and on our agenda.  Side note:  We likely should have a longer DEI discussion in PSE CKG soon.  

Email from John Renaud to CKG Chairs (8/12)- 

  • The Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group would like to announce that the Council of University Librarians (CoUL) and the Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) have both approved changes to the SCLG charter which incorporate a commitment to DEI: 
  • Moving forward, SCLG will be including DEI-focused actions into both our annual planning and routine processes so that this important collections work is intentionally and continually addressed. Stay tuned for further details in the coming fiscal year. We welcome your input about strategies for mindfully and transparently incorporating DEI into UCL’s collections
UC Library SearchAll
  • Remaining Issues - Questions? - Suggestions
  • Reference:
    • Alma's Community Zone Collections List - full-text collections currently available in the Alma Community Zone (where you can see the number of portfolios for each collection)
    • Alma CDI Collection List - contains all collections that are marked in Alma as In CDI. Collections in Alma are marked as In CDI if at least 80% of the content is indexed, either from the provider directly, or via alternative data sources
    • SCP updates - cumulative lists of collections and portfolios activated. 
  • Now in UCLS
    • ACS Symposia
    • ACS In Focus Inaugural Collection and Collection 1
    • ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication
    • AIP Ebooks collection 1
  • Discussed keeping a smaller working group focused on UCLS issues, who can then report back to the CKG/UCSEL about issues, request that librarians check UCLS to confirm activations. Michele, Teri, Julia, and anyone else interested.
    • Catalog Standards
    • Ongoing cataloging issues
      • SIAM ebooks - on the latest SCP list, but nothing cataloged after 2011
      • AccessEngineering - still no word on getting this CZ collection updated (Rep said it was updated, ExL list says no updates since May 2021)
      • Wiley and AGU (supposed to be through GOBI now) but still lagging
      • Cataloging for campuses who joined Tier 2 after the initial license (UCSD reported to CDL to get ASCE/ASME ebooks activated)
      • NetBase - More than a year of lag in the catalog.  Was lagging in CZ, but now up to date.  Should we recommend CZ to SCP?
Resource News / Questions / RenewalsAll

Fill in if you have any...

  • Update on Morgan & Claypool migration to SpringerLink - Julia
  • WOS Transition - Done
  • SciFinder Classic Retirement - Done Not quite done
  • SCLG Update

Fill in if you have any conference reports or announcements

Anything Else?
  • "Web of Science" update, from Ruth:
  • Interest in sharing expertise/reports in Alma Analytics. 
    • Can we put reports in the shared UC space in Analytics? Or share between the individual UC library spaces in the Analytics Community folders?
Campus/Library Happenings - Round RobinAll
  • Berkeley - Interviews for STEM Librarian next week. Facing large budget cut – $1.7M cut to collections over next two years, PSE share of cut is approximately $500K. Serials cancellation review will take place in spring. Library also announced service changes for 2022-23 academic year due to staff vacancies and budget cuts. Physics Library will be a study-only location with no access to collections or circulation services; Earth Sciences & Map Library and Mathematics Statistics Library will have reduced hours. The Engineering Library will return to its extended hours, however, closing at midnight Mon-Thu.
  • Davis - Held interviews for 3 Researcher Services STEM librarian positions July 6-13, 2022. Currently in final stages of recruitment process.  Head of Archival Processing position is still in progress. UCD Library website is being revamped, goes live Tue 8/16/22.  Library Subject and Course guides transitioning from WordPress to LibGuides same day. Some guides (mostly course guides) will continue to be transitioned after the 8/16 release date. AUL for Research and Learning position recruitment planning is in progress. Food and Wine Archivist, Audrey Russek, arrived in June. New Clinical Education and Research Librarian position planning is in the works for Blaisdell Medical Library. 5% reduction in collections budget for this year.
  • Irvine - Retirement of John Sisson, Biology in July.  Interviews for Head of Technical Services in August. 3% reduction in collections budget for this year.
  • UCLA - Alison Scott retiring at the end of August. New PSE librarian starting on the 12th.  Jason has taken over as head of Biomedical and Science and Engineering Libraries. 
  • Merced - Merced had a 13% budget cut last year, covered by one-time expenses primarily.  No idea for this year. 
  • Riverside - Lots of recruitments, but no STEM related ones just yet.  Usage seems to be way down on almost everything.  Talking a lot about outreach. 
  • San Diego - Life and Health Sciences Collection Strategist -
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Barbara - Open positions for Emerging Workforce Resident in Teaching & Learning, Assistant Director for ReADS, Director of Special Research Collections, Open Access Collection Strategist. Following a retreat for Research & Engagement the week of August 22 there may be changes in subject liaison responsibilities. Katie Leach left UCSB; the interim director of Collection Strategies is Chizu Morihara. This is the final year of a $250,000 budget supplement from the Chancellor; the future campus budget is unstated but expectations are for cuts.
  • Santa Cruz - 

Action items